Intelligent network solutions

Grow revenue while transforming your network

Intelligent Network (IN) Services provide the foundation for a host of simple, but effective applications, such as freephone, emergency services, number translation and more. These make a major contribution to operator revenues, with many businesses still relying on them to efficiently route customer calls.

However, originally designed for circuit switched networks and built on SS7 standards, these services often depend on legacy systems that cannot adapt to changes in network infrastructure and which are typically separated into silos.

Gintel offers complete IN-replacement solutions that enable graceful migration from legacy platforms to a fully converged network environment. It’s a single platform that eliminates service silos, consolidates service architecture and provides a pathway to full-service convergence and future innovation.

  • Full support for legacy SS7, SIP and Diameter protocols
  • External DB integration for number lookup and retrieval
  • Customise to support new service logic and interfaces
  • Future compatibility with 5G networks


Protect essential IN services revenues

Operators need to protect existing revenue streams, while investing in new network capabilities and network transformation as they move towards a virtual, service-oriented architecture. Gintel allows operators to make this transition without disrupting existing revenue or customer relationships, enabling network evolution.

Consolidate IN services

Converged IN platforms with full support for legacy SS7 (CAMEL, INAP, MAP), SIP and Diameter protocols, and a converged network architecture from a single platform. Gintel’s flexible architecture and experienced team enable replication of existing services, while providing new service innovation opportunities.

B2b services for corporates


Proven migration to a single platform

Proven in large-scale IN migration projects with Tier 1 operators, migrating services to a future-proof environment.

Protect existing revenue streams

Migration on to a single platform, without service disruption, locking in revenue and offering new capabilities.

Network evolution

Seamlessly transition to a new IN environment, protecting revenue, while enabling network evolution.


Rich interworking with current IMS and legacy networks, as well as 5G.

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Telenor

Business Solutions for Telenor Norway

Telenor Business Solutions provides services to enterprise subscribers as part of the incumbent operator in Norway. Telenor Business Solutions has deployed Easy Virtual Contact Center and Easy Virtual PaBX in its service portfolio, under a range of commercial brands.

Increasing customer stickiness

Additionally, Telenor Business Solutions has been able to launch a wide range of customised services by leveraging the unique capabilities of Easy Composer, which enables operators to customise existing services and rapidly create new offers that enhance differentiation and increase customer stickiness

The Solution

These solutions service more than one million calls per day and have run continuously since 1998.

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“We worked with Gintel to create something uniquely adapted to our offer and our market” Telenor
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