Soho and sme B2B solutions

Business communications for SoHos and SMEs

Gintel’s range of B2B services enables MVNOs, MVNEs and other service providers to offer mobile business communications solutions to organisations of any size – from sole trader to enterprise. They optimise internal and external communications and help mobilise the workforce.

With a range of powerful, flexible solutions for SMEs, service providers can unlock value from existing customers, while launching new services and building new revenue streams.

Help your customers to connect the right people, at the right time, so they can communicate more effectively with their customers, while boosting productivity and securing financial benefits for their business.

  • Virtual office
  • Single main number regardless of device or location
  • Call transfer and conferencing on any device
  • User and Team Status, with Hunt Groups


A virtual office and more

Gintel’s solutions mean that even the smallest business can gain the professional communications capabilities of a much larger company, while appearing as a single organisation regardless of employee location. They enable SMEs and SoHos to be fully mobilised, fully virtualised, and agile and responsive to their customers’ needs, regardless of location and size.


Enable your customers to benefit from more effective multichannel communication with colleagues and customers, with flexible control over availability, status and channel preferences. Users can easily manage privacy settings to separate private and business calls on a single device. Advanced call routing based on time, status and location ensures 24x7 availability for your customers.

B2b services for corporates


Optimise internal and external communications

Ensure that your customers never miss a call, boosting their business while increasing your revenue.

Eliminate capital expenditure for your customers

Eliminate the need for investment in hardware and software, leverage existing devices, and reduce OPEX costs.

customer service

A single main number and intelligent call routing means your business customers never miss a call. Calls are routed to the right person at the right time.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Streamline and optimise internal and external communications, leading to increased productivity and cost savings for your customers.

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Telenor

Business Solutions for Telenor Norway

Telenor Business Solutions provides services to enterprise subscribers as part of the incumbent operator in Norway. Telenor Business Solutions has deployed Easy Virtual Contact Center and Easy Virtual PaBX in its service portfolio, under a range of commercial brands.

Increasing customer stickiness

Additionally, Telenor Business Solutions has been able to launch a wide range of customised services by leveraging the unique capabilities of Easy Composer, which enables operators to customise existing services and rapidly create new offers that enhance differentiation and increase customer stickiness

The Solution

These solutions service more than one million calls per day and have run continuously since 1998.

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“We worked with Gintel to create something uniquely adapted to our offer and our market” Telenor
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