Corporate B2B solutions

Business communications for corporates

Gintel provides advanced hosted communications solutions that allow MNOs to offer new and compelling services, such as Mobile PBX and Voice VPN, to business customers. They are cost-effective, highly scalable and offer proven Tier 1 performance across any generation of mobile network.

Gintel’s advanced Mobile PBX and business communications solutions help service providers grow revenue, optimise and consolidate B2B services and rapidly create and launch new and new solutions.

They enable MNOs to retain and recruit customers, while enhancing differentiation in competitive and crowded markets.

  • Intelligent Inbound / Outbound Call Management
  • Multichannel Interaction
  • Integrated Call Centre Functionality
  • Real-time, highly scalable and high performance


Remain relevant in a competitive market

Gintel’s solutions offer MNOs and Service Providers the agility and flexibility to remain relevant to business customers in a fast-moving environment. They allow you to secure higher monthly fees from existing business customers, attract new customers and reduce churn.

Launch tailored services

Our solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of specific business customer segments, such as Finance, Healthcare, and Education, through our specialist professional services team, allowing MNOs, MVNOs and service providers to create compelling reusable service bundles for both single and multiple verticals, groups and segments.

B2b services for corporates



Offer advanced, flexible profitable service bundles to your business customers, cost-effectively and at carrier scale.


Fully mobilise their workforce and enjoy seamless service performance, irrespective of network or connection.


Reduce administration and after-care overheads for your organisation and customers.

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Telenor

Business Solutions for Telenor Norway

Telenor Business Solutions provides services to enterprise subscribers as part of the incumbent operator in Norway. Telenor Business Solutions has deployed Easy Virtual Contact Center and Easy Virtual PaBX in its service portfolio, under a range of commercial brands.

Increasing customer stickiness

Additionally, Telenor Business Solutions has been able to launch a wide range of customised services by leveraging the unique capabilities of Easy Composer, which enables operators to customise existing services and rapidly create new offers that enhance differentiation and increase customer stickiness

The Solution

These solutions service more than one million calls per day and have run continuously since 1998.

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“We worked with Gintel to create something uniquely adapted to our offer and our market” Telenor
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