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Advanced solutions for service providers

We offer advanced solutions that allow service providers to deliver new and compelling services to business customers. Our solutions help them to optimise customer communications in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Gintel’s communications solutions bring people together and enable business users to communicate more effectively. Our experience is backed by a track record of delivering successful commercial solutions to Tier 1 operators, MVNOs, ISPs and systems integrators.

We enable our customers to stay at the forefront of service innovation in a rapidly moving market, enabling agility and flexibility for them. We can provide end-to-end solutions and niche, vertical applications in the same deployment, ensuring you can target all segments.

advanced solutions


B2B Services
for Corporate Customers

Powerful, carrier-grade Mobile PBX and B2B services for corporate and enterprise customers, proven to grow revenue.


B2B Services
for SoHo & SME Customers

Rich and compelling communications solutions for even the smallest business, that scale efficiently and cost-effectively.


IN Replacement
and Migration

Consolidate and converge legacy IN solutions to a flexible, next-generation architecture, protecting revenue and reducing cost.

Working with Gintel

Case Study: ice.net

Complete Hosted Telephony for Enterprises

ice.net (formally Network Norway) is the third mobile operator in Norway and launched services targeted towards the SME market in October 2007. ice.net chose Gintel’s solution as the platform for their flagship Mobile Office service offering.

Cost-effective with a solid business case

It was essential for ice.net that a solid business case could be created for the new service launch. The components selected for the Mobile Office solution had to be cost-effective from the outset in order to meet ice.net’s demanding conditions.

The Solution

Gintel was able to meet these requirements with its software and the complete suite of network gateways required for the installation.

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“the Gintel solution...enables us to offer better solutions, giving both higer value and more flexibility to our business solutions” Ingvild Myhre
Former CEO, Network Norway
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