SIP Convergence

SIP Convergence

SIP Convergence enables mobile service providers to offer their customers the ability to maintain their mobile identity across SIP infrastructure. This means that they can include a wider range of devices in calling plans with the same mobile number. Calls to their mobile number trigger ringing on all SIP clients and the user can choose where to answer the call.

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Extend user access options

By taking advantage of the SIP Convergence Module, service providers can extend the reach of their offers to a broader range of networks. Users can be accessed across broadband or WiFi infrastructure, ensuring the best fit for their needs – all while preserving their mobile identity and company main numbers.

Any device for user convenience

The SIP Convergence Module can be deployed on any suitable device – smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, providing flexibility of choice for the user and recreating their office experience. . All features of the solution can be enabled across different access networks. Users can handover calls from one device to another and access the same functionality that they enjoy on their mobile devices, irrespective of location.


  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Enables global access to mobile UC features
  • Enable WiFi / mobile handover
  • Select best available network

SIP Convergence




Enable broadband access to mobile services


Help subscribers use most flexible options


Enable flexible remote working, in home network or overseas


Offer competitive calling packages to reduce OTT leak

Working with Gintel

Case Study:

Complete Hosted Telephony for Enterprises (formally Network Norway) is the third mobile operator in Norway and launched services targeted towards the SME market in October 2007. chose Gintel’s solution as the platform for their flagship Mobile Office service offering.

Cost-effective with a solid business case

It was essential for that a solid business case could be created for the new service launch. The components selected for the Mobile Office solution had to be cost-effective from the outset in order to meet’s demanding conditions.

The Solution

Gintel was able to meet these requirements with its software and the complete suite of network gateways required for the installation.

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“the Gintel solution...enables us to offer better solutions, giving both higer value and more flexibility to our business solutions” Ingvild Myhre
Former CEO, Network Norway
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