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Extensible modules

Gintel offer a wide range of modules to easily extend and enrich the capabilities of your core solution, or to build a separate, highly targeted offering.

Mobile IP

The Mobile IP Call module enables service providers to offer IP calling to mobile UC subscribers. It’s a simple upgrade that can be selected as a complement to the Easy Business Communications Suite.


Gintel Voicemail is a robust, carrier-grade messaging solution that enables service providers to offer high-quality voicemail services to their customers.

MS Teams Integration

The Gintel MS Teams Integration module extends the benefits of MS Teams to mobile users, ensuring that it is fully integrated with mobile unified communications and call management services. The module enables user status to be shared across both Teams and mobile domains.

Fixed / Mobile Convergence

Fixed / Mobile Convergence enables mobile service providers to offer their customers the ability to maintain their mobile identity across SIP infrastructure. This means that they can include a wider range of devices in calling plans with the same mobile number. Calls to their mobile number trigger ringing on all SIP clients and the user can choose where to answer the call.

Auto Attendant

The Easy Auto Attendant and IVR module offers a range of sophisticated IVR and DTMF options to support customer interaction and enable effective call routing. Subscribers can configure messages to play when callers are in a queue, provide DTMF interaction options and much more.

Call Recording

The Call Recording module enables business and enterprise users to record mobile conversations. Many businesses have to meet regulatory requirements for the recording of client conversations and this module ensures that they can do so, even in the mobile environment.

Advanced Routing

The Advanced Routing module provides a wide range of possibilities to ensure call delivery. Service providers can include the Advanced Routing module in UC and business services to enable flexible routing options to suit customer needs. It can also be used to support a range of Intelligent Network applications, such as 800, Number Portability and more.

Voice Conferencing

The Voice Conferencing module provides a simple enhancement to enable multi-party conferencing for business users. It’s a simple extension to any business communications package that creates more revenue opportunities and delivers essential services to subscribers.

WebRTC Communicator

The WebRTC Communicator provides a simple path to extend the capabilities of the Easy Business Communications Suite to web browsers, enabling business and residential customers to leverage a range of attractive features from different devices through their browser of choice.

Mobile Twinning

Mobile Twinning is a module that enables multiple devices and terminals to be accessed via the same number. Users simply select the devices they want to include in the service and these become associated with their number. When the number is called, all devices ring in parallel, giving the user the freedom to select the most convenient one for their needs.

Telco 2.0 Service Gateway

The Telco API Management module is a secure, robust and highly scalable solution that offers controlled access to APIs from telco resources to trusted third parties. In addition to API exposure, the Telco Service Gateway manages AAA, ensuring that only trusted access is possible, securing network assets and resources.

Office Assistant

The Office Assistant module provides a convenient means of integrating UC functionality with core MS Office applications. It enables synchronisation between calendars to manage call handling and ensures that routing preferences match user schedules.

Yellow and White Pages Integration

Enable your business customers to automatically look up incoming calls and to associate them with listings in directory services, both residential and commercial. By screening all calls, additional information on the calling party can be offered to business customers, helping them to identify caller and determine how they handle them.

Least Cost Routing and SIP Trunking

Least Cost Routing, or LCR is a well-established way of routing calls to a preferred provider, according to variable parameters such as time of day. The LCR function of EBCS allows flexible control of call routing with adjustable parameters that can be configured by the service provider. This allows the service provider to make the right routing choices to leverage optimum connections, while enabling enhancing the services it offers to enterprise customers.

Call Centre Admin

With the Call Centre Admin module, supervisors can quickly access rich information regarding agent activities. The drill-down option reveals the statistics associated with each, providing instant performance monitoring and ensuring that additional support and resources can be offered.

CRM Integration

EBCS includes a comprehensive, generic API framework that creates a wealth of integration possibilities with other cloud solutions, such as CRM platforms. This allows service providers to enhance and extend the cloud portfolio by adding telephony capabilities and event reporting to record activity in key enterprise systems.

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