Call Recording

Call Recording for your Business Customers

Gintel’s call recording solution is a highly configurable and flexible solution that allows operators to help their business customers meet legislative, training, customer service and auditing requirements. It creates significant opportunities for service providers, enabling them to offer call recording as a premium proposition to enterprise and B2B customers.

Network-based fixed and mobile call recording enables your business customers to break free from traditional fixed-based and PBX-enabled call recording solutions, enabling BYOD and mobile working. Deployed in your telco cloud, it is highly redundant, flexible, scalable and future proof – encompassing 2G to 5G, and beyond.

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Create new revenue streams

Enables service providers to offer a valuable call recording solution to their business customers, creating new fixed or subscription-based revenue streams for operators. The solution can be provided as part of a bundle or with subscription fees for the recording and secure storage of records.

Add value for enterprise customers

Help your customers to meet compliance obligations, enable BYOD, and improve employee training and customer service performance. The service is highly configurable and scalable to meet capacity requirements.


  • Fully compliant call recording
  • Fully integrated with IMS / VoLTE core, as well as legacy networks
  • Highly configurable and scalable
  • Use Gintel’s encrypted storage solution, or integrate with third party/private platforms

Easy Business Communications Suite




Enable enterprise clients to meet regulatory requirements

Create new revenue streams

Offer a premium recording and storage service as fixed fee or subscription-based

Enable BYOD and mobility

Enable enterprise customers to support BYOD and mobile working, while meeting compliance requirements

Provide value to business customers

Enable businesses to measure and understand customer satisfaction

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Jersey Telecom

Converged, mobile-first B2B services

Jersey Telecom has a long and successful history and a growing enterprise customer base. With full-fibre connectivity, the team sought to bring a better, more unified experience to customers – across fixed and mobile.

How did they achieve this?

Easy Business Communications Suite, optimised for mobile networks - including with complex protocols, such as CAMEL.

Mobile PBX, across all networks

Full Mobile PBX capabilities deployed on GSM, 3G, LTE and VoLTE networks, allowing mobile devices to operate as extensions to cloud PBX solutions, from Gintel.

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  • Learn how JT was able to offer a solution for any customer, from those migrating from legacy solutions, to those integrating mobile devices.
  • Learn how JT is able to scale their service internationally, connecting businesses globally.
  • Learn how Gintel's solution is enabling JT to develop a secure call recording solution for their many customers in Financial Services.
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