Easy Office Assistant

Office Assistant

The Office Assistant Module provides a convenient means of integrating UC functionality with core MS Office applications. It enables synchronisation between calendars to manage call handling and ensures that routing preferences match user schedules.

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Powerful integration with office software

In addition to individual user preferences, the corporate directory can be integrated into the service, with the result that users can be included in the numbering plan of the UC solution. Click to dial means that employees can connect with their colleagues quickly and easily.

Corporate directory management, Presence and IM

Employee status can be presented and co-ordinated with their calendar preferences. The Office Assistant Module also includes IM for simple communications.


  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Company directory management
  • Presence / Availability
  • Instant Messaging

Easy Office Assistant




Targeted to different market segments (enterprise, SME, SoHo etc)


Supporting service evolution by adaptable call patterns


Supporting the distributed and mobile workforce


Enabling better cost control for the enterprise

Working with Gintel

Case Study: ice.net

Complete Hosted Telephony for Enterprises

ice.net (formally Network Norway) is the third mobile operator in Norway and launched services targeted towards the SME market in October 2007. ice.net chose Gintel’s solution as the platform for their flagship Mobile Office service offering.

Cost-effective with a solid business case

It was essential for ice.net that a solid business case could be created for the new service launch. The components selected for the Mobile Office solution had to be cost-effective from the outset in order to meet ice.net’s demanding conditions.

The Solution

Gintel was able to meet these requirements with its software and the complete suite of network gateways required for the installation.

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“the Gintel solution...enables us to offer better solutions, giving both higer value and more flexibility to our business solutions” Ingvild Myhre
Former CEO, Network Norway
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