Office Assistant

The Office Assistant module provides a convenient means of integrating UC functionality with core MS Office applications. It enables synchronisation between calendars to manage call handling and ensures that routing preferences match user schedules.

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Powerful integration with office software

In addition to individual user preferences, the corporate directory can be integrated into the service, with the result that users can be included in the numbering plan of the UC solution. Click to dial means that employees can connect with their colleagues quickly and easily.

Corporate directory management, Presence and IM

Employee status can be presented and co-ordinated with their calendar preferences. The Office Assistant module also includes IM for simple communications.


  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Company directory management
  • Presence / Availability
  • Instant Messaging

Office Assistant




Targeted to different market segments (enterprise, SME, SoHo etc)


Supporting service evolution by adaptable call patterns


Supporting the distributed and mobile workforce


Enabling better cost control for the enterprise

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Jersey Telecom

Converged, mobile-first B2B services

Jersey Telecom has a long and successful history and a growing enterprise customer base. With full-fibre connectivity, the team sought to bring a better, more unified experience to customers – across fixed and mobile.

How did they achieve this?

Easy Business Communications Suite, optimised for mobile networks - including with complex protocols, such as CAMEL.

Mobile PBX, across all networks

Full Mobile PBX capabilities deployed on GSM, 3G, LTE and VoLTE networks, allowing mobile devices to operate as extensions to cloud PBX solutions, from Gintel.

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  • Learn how JT was able to offer a solution for any customer, from those migrating from legacy solutions, to those integrating mobile devices.
  • Learn how JT is able to scale their service internationally, connecting businesses globally.
  • Learn how Gintel's solution is enabling JT to develop a secure call recording solution for their many customers in Financial Services.
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