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What's inside?

Many service providers, like Telenor Sweden, have built up an asset base that includes a number of silos. These can be for different operational processes, as well as for customer-facing services. In the case of services, this can mean that user data is scattered between different solutions, leading to a lack of synchronisation between systems and inconsistencies in service handling. Telenor Sweden chose Gintel to provide integration between different services and a new foundation for B2B service evolution.

Gintel offers a uniquely flexible range of B2B services, backed by rich orchestration capabilities. This means that the solutions can be used to unify and converge different silos, enhancing efficiency – as has been the case with the solution adopted by Telenor Sweden.

  • Address the problem of siloed serviced
  • Unify domains to aggregate data
  • Prepare for future service evolution
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