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What's inside?

O2 Czech Republic is a leading provider of converged services with a sister company active in neighbouring Slovakia. O2 delivers fixed, mobile, broadband, and content and ICT services across a diverse network footprint, and with a strong presence in the business market.

O2 sought to transform its B2B service architecture and replace siloed platforms with a single B2B VAS (value added service) solution. Gintel was chosen to develop a platform that would enable O2 to provide services to any user, regardless of the network, and a consolidated solution for future evolution.

Gintel has proven to be an agile partner that can deliver a unified solution portfolio and architecture in a complex and evolving network environment.

  • Consolidate siloes and launch B2B services on a single platform
  • Build a roadmap to future evolution
  • Integrate legacy and IMS service domains
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