CRM Integration for EBCS

CRM Integration

EBCS includes a comprehensive, generic API framework that creates a wealth of integration possibilities with other cloud solutions, such as CRM platforms. This allows service providers to enhance and extend the cloud portfolio by adding telephony capabilities and event reporting to record activity in key enterprise systems.

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Integrate with your preferred application set

The API framework enables service providers to promote preferred solutions to business users, bringing UC capabilities directly to key enterprise applications offered as part of a managed services portfolio. The interface allows key events and associated calling data, such as calls, answer group, service number and agent ID, to be captured and stored in the relevant service for future review.

Enable Click2Call from CRM platforms

Click2Call allows users to initiate calls directly from a CRM platform, enhancing convergence and increasing efficiency, particularly in support of sales or customer care activities. Because EBCS allows users and agents to control multiple devices, they can hold the conversation on the most convenient. This is particularly useful for mobile workers, who access applications from the smart device.


  • Add Click2Call functionality
  • Capture and store key session metadata
  • Easily integrate with common enterprise services
  • Record sessions for future review and training
  • Web services / SOAP API

CRM Integration for EBCS




Extend and enhance managed service offer


Unify enterprise applications


Enhance enterprise efficiency


Boost enterprise customer loyalty

Working with Gintel

Case Study:

Complete Hosted Telephony for Enterprises (formally Network Norway) is the third mobile operator in Norway and launched services targeted towards the SME market in October 2007. chose Gintel’s solution as the platform for their flagship Mobile Office service offering.

Cost-effective with a solid business case

It was essential for that a solid business case could be created for the new service launch. The components selected for the Mobile Office solution had to be cost-effective from the outset in order to meet’s demanding conditions.

The Solution

Gintel was able to meet these requirements with its software and the complete suite of network gateways required for the installation.

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“the Gintel solution...enables us to offer better solutions, giving both higer value and more flexibility to our business solutions” Ingvild Myhre
Former CEO, Network Norway
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