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14 June 2024

Microservices: Business/Private Line

In this series of blogs, we’re focusing on how to better meet the needs of your small business customer: that potentially lucrative — but all too often overlooked — market segment. One way of doing that is by providing what we call business microservices, and this time we’ll focus on another one, the business/private line.
29 May 2024

Call pickup: another step forward for SoHo customers and their service providers

In the second part of our ongoing blog series about business microservices we’ll look at how another simple but sophisticated service from Gintel- call pickup – can help you to convert business consumers into B2B customers.
23 May 2024

Multi-device support/twinning

You already know there’s a huge untapped opportunity in SME and SoHo segments – but how can you deliver services that engage them and help them boost productivity and growth? Business microservices – from Gintel. Find out how simply but sophisticated services can convert business consumers into B2B customers.
25 April 2024

How do you protect your B2B VAS services if you have to change your IMS?

Changing IMS platforms could mean that your B2B VAS services are put at risk. How can you protect them so you can enhance your B2B offers in the future?
18 April 2024

When things get fishy in Gintelberg! How mobile PBX from the cloud helped a business stay afloat.

The town of Gintelberg’s fishing fleet had for a long time been all at sea when it came to its telecoms infrastructure, which simply wasn’t fit for purpose. Fortunately, the fleet found a communications solution that met the needs of a successful business with some very particular challenges to overcome – leveraging mobile PBX delivered from the cloud to access the enterprise communications services it needs. Benefiting from native mobile, the fleet transformed its operations.

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