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11 January 2023

Network Slicing points the way to an increased vertical focus for B2B – how do you deliver enhanced communications to different sectors?

Key verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing and logistics will drive demand for slicing – but B2B communications services must also adapt and evolve to align with new capabilities and specialised applications.
30 November 2022

How can you help small teams with better communications services?

Small companies have many of the same communications challenges as their bigger peers – but fewer options are available to help solve them. But, with the right approach, MNOs and service providers can quickly and easily help them collaborate more effectively and enhance communication with customers – how can you deliver?
29 November 2022

Will PSTN and ISDN switch off drive a new wave of mobile first working?

In many countries, businesses have continued to use fixed lines, desk phones and other interfaces. With PSTN switch off imminent, is there any real reason why they should continue to do so? As an operator, why not emulate Nordic telcos and take the opportunity to give your B2B customers a complete, mobile first solution that delivers?
22 November 2022

Migrating from a legacy IP Centrex or mobile cloud solution – which approach should you take?

Do you have a legacy IP Centrex or mPBX solution? What options are available to ensure migration to a new platform, that can grow with your business and match your network evolution plans?
27 October 2022

Growing ARPU for B2B? Stop focusing on marginal tweaks to bundles and seek real change

Why is the industry so focused on bundle optimisation? It won’t shift the needle – what you need to do is to focus on how to add value beyond connectivity packages. Group calling, recording, team solutions, switchboards and more make far more sense – and have more impact on B2B ARPU.

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