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30 January 2024

Skating to success in Gintelberg – supporting local growth with the cloud PBX from an agile MVNO

As they say in these parts, that being the now familiar (to readers of this blog) town of Gintelberg, “watch out Stavanger Oilers”!
29 January 2024

Goodbye PSTN means getting ready for what comes next. Move your B2B customers to mobile PBX, from the cloud.

Around the world, countries are planning to switch off and retire their Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN).  In the United Kingdom, for example, 2025 has been set as the date for what’s become known as “big switch off”. It’s big news, and a big step.
11 January 2024

The nicest craftsman is a smiling craftsman. And he’s smiling because he’s finally using a cloud PBX!

In Norway, being nice matters. Want proof? Look no further than the Norway’s Nicest Craftsman award, started by leading B2B MVNO Talkmore and now successfully running since 2017.  Winning it is a well-recognised and important achievement in the country’s commercial landscape and victory focuses attention and bestows pride on the significant craft industry.
13 December 2023

Christmas in Gintelberg! How does Cloud PBX help our essential shops and local businesses during a busy period?

Snow was general all over Gintelberg. It was falling softly over the town’s shoe shop and softly falling further westward, covering the law offices of Brokken & Fixt in a thin sheet of white. The local takeaway, Takk Owt – its neon sign piercing through the snowy drifts – hadn’t escaped the deluge, either.
29 November 2023

How do you convert consumer business customers into B2B subscribers? With simple services that connect users into teams.

Never judge a book by its cover. The fact is, while most of us instinctively think of an enterprise in terms of it scale (loosely, an enterprise being thought of as a “big” company with a lot of employees) around the globe the reality is something closer to the opposite. The commercial landscape is hallmarked instead by business with 1-9, 10-50, or fewer than 100 employees. They’re what we know as SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises). In other words, most companies aren’t “big”.

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