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Gintel makes it easy to deliver compelling new mobile services to business users.

22 November 2021

Extending your teams with temporary, contract and seasonal workers

Easily and quickly add new mobiles and terminals to user groups, helping your customers to include flexible working and temporary workers in key communications systems.
22 October 2021

What is the 5G enterprise? How are communications processes evolving for B2B services in the 5G SA?

5G is already a huge success, but the next phase (5G SA) will unlock a host of new B2B processes and applications – which will drive new communications services and new ways of interaction. Where are we headed?
19 October 2021

B2B Marketplaces – what are the right integrations for your customers?

Marketplaces for complimentary B2B solutions are increasingly common – curated by both independent solution providers as well as operators. As an operator, you should review your market, so you can give your customers seamless integration with apps that are popular locally, as well as ensuring you can participate in global marketplaces with integrations to globally adopted solutions.
28 September 2021

Enabling Telenor Sweden to converge, extend and harmonise B2B services

Service silos are all too common – but they can impede and block evolution of new offers. Find out how we helped Telenor Sweden to unlock the advantages of a converged solution, spanning fixed and mobile domains – and providing the foundation of future B2B service evolution.
21 September 2021

Lawful interception and B2B voice and messaging services

Lawful interception is a mandatory requirement for operators. Compatibility with LI processes is essential for all services, including B2B. What impact do Gintel’s applications have on LI compliance?

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