Why feature phones remain relevant and essential tools for MNOs – they enable universal services

There’s a perception that smartphones are necessary to access valuable business tools, such as mobile PBX applications. That’s simply not true – with the right solution, such as Gintel’s Easy Virtual PBX, the same service can be delivered universally to feature phones, smartphones and desk phones. And, this approach can also unlock new markets with lower smartphone penetration.

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MWC showcases IoT – get ready for the next evolution with the introduction of voice

MWC19 was full of innovative and interesting IoT applications, driven by a wide range of industry specialists. There’s growing awareness that machine communication also needs to break out to human interaction, via messaging and real-time voice. MNOs need to understand how they can play a role in this field and remain relevant to specialist IoT applications and providers. Find out with Gintel.

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Enterprise communication needs true real-time capabilities, but one size doesn’t fit all.

Enterprise collaboration tools are proliferating but most remain closed communities. To increase value, they need to break out to real-time communications platforms that meet regulatory requirements and can fully interoperate with any network. Gintel is enabling the convergence of disparate collaboration tools with full fixed and mobile interworking, allowing operators to support their customers and to add value.

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