Complement and customise – cost-effective differentiation

Businesses want differentiated propositions, but most UC solutions are unable to deliver as they are uniform, commodity platforms. Today’s business and enterprise customers want more, and are eagerly finding their own solutions to support transformation efforts. Operators need to think about differentiation and how to achieve it, at scale, cost-effectively, so that they can complement new connectivity offers with highly targeted and specific B2B service offers. With Gintel, you can.

Service differentiation, B2B, UC solutions, 5G

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Virtualisation is often more challenging than you think – you need real expertise to support B2B and IN transformation efforts

Virtualisation projects can be challenging. Migration is just the first step – operators need to be able to realise the expected agility, so that they can evolve and innovate. Our experience with complex IN / B2B service virtualisation and migration projects gives us the expertise to help you converge and ensures a consistent platform for future innovation.

Virtualisation, IMS, IN Services, B2B, 5G

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Private Campus Networks – provide a differentiated, dedicated service to businesses

Demand for wireless private campus networks is set to surge. As holders of licensed spectrum, operators need to target this market. A completely integrated communications and service suite is a key part of this proposition, supported by the flexibility to customise and integrate solutions to meet the needs of each enterprise. Operators need the right partners, such as Gintel, to succeed.

LTE, 5G, Private Campus Networks, AR, Augmented Reality, Mobile operators

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Do you really know what your B2B customers want?

Many operators and service providers struggle to really understand what small business owners need. They tend to think in terms of functionality and features, while business owners think in terms of problems. With Gintel, we can help you deliver clearly defined solutions that specifically address common challenges – ensuring you speak the right language and offer real value.

SME, B2B Customers, SME Customers

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