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23 August 2023

ITEF RFC 7245 SIPREC call recording - a primer

SIPREC (Session Initiation Protocol Recording) is an IETF RFC that defines a standardised method for recording sessions in SIP-based networks. So, if you are a mobile or fixed operator, or both, SIPREC is likely to be the most suitable way of enabling a call recording service for your customers. It provides a standardised means of recording desired sessions – and replaces other methods which involved proprietary logic to cover different scenarios.
20 July 2023

Replacing Broadsoft Broadworks and other solutions – what are my options?

If you have a legacy IP Centrex solution in your B2B portfolio, such as a Broadsoft Broadworks solution, you may be thinking about how you can maintain this or evolve to launch new offers. Gintel has a range of proven options for replacing or extending legacy B2B platforms, providing you with future-proof service evolution and enhancement opportunities.
27 June 2023

B2B communications for rural businesses – technology to deliver value, for any segment or use case

B2B customers don’t just work in offices in the city – they’re everywhere, serving the needs of other businesses and providing a rich ecosystem, even in the depths of the countryside. They need effective call management solutions too – to connect mobile workers, to support team leaders and to cater for seasonal workers.
26 June 2023

Services not connectivity says Bain and Company

Where is the next phase of growth going to come from? Not from connectivity – despite massive investment – says Bain and Company, but from ICT services. But which ICT services and what might this really mean in practice?
23 June 2023

The phone call is dead. Long live the phone call.

Somewhat overshadowed by alternative channels in recent years, the humble voice call remains a key communications tool – and one that’s essential for businesses. True, the cost of a call may have largely fallen to zero, but the value of it to the participants has not.

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