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31 August 2022

Voice and UC for non-public networks – reimagining services for vertical players

MNOs that seek to deliver NPNs as a managed service need also to think of other capabilities that can be delivered to their users. NPNs can provide a platform for other services – but by doing so, we can reimagine how classical services are delivered in ways that are really tuned to different vertical sectors.
03 August 2022

If you keep ignoring the SME market, it’s going to vote with its feet--and work with firms that really care

The world has an estimated 400 million small-to-medium sized businesses, and in most geographies they make up the bulk of all commercial organizations, yet far too many feel they don't get the same kind of attention and customised services as their larger competitors. There's a perception gap here on the telco side that can – and should – be closed
21 July 2022

Operator network services – often overlooked, but still fundamental to businesses globally

Network services for delivering number translation and routing for non-geo, emergency and other core operator functions remain essential. Overlooked, but part of the core package you have to deliver. How do you preserve these, while investing in the rest of your network?
28 June 2022

Where are business and mission-critical voice services headed in the 5G era?

B2B voice services have, for some time, been, converging around collaboration-based applications with a growing emphasis on customer experience evolution. At the same time, capabilities that are common to classical applications can also be repurposed for innovative new services that will be necessary to support 5G-enabled mission critical services. Where is this likely to go in the next couple of years? Divergence - and a new generation of dedicated 5G voice services.
21 June 2022

10 million B2B end-users – and counting

In aggregate, our operator and service provider customers have connected more than 10 million B2B end-user subscribers to our solutions. They work hard to achieve differentiation and to stay relevant to customers. In turn, they benefit from sustained, recurring revenue – and growth.

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