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24 March 2023

What is your B2B market? If B2B is really going to drive growth, vanilla offers won’t succeed

B2B is used as a catch all for all business that is derived from customers other than consumers – and it’s seen as the big prize waiting for 5G. But businesses are more complicated and differentiated – so why do we maintain this binary view?
27 February 2023

API monetisation: under the hood

Operators have long sought to monetise their networks through the exposure of APIs to enterprises and other third parties. While there have been different approaches to this, in practice, all depend on exposure layers – often dedicated gateways with integrated security processes – that enable different stakeholders to build new applications using network capabilities, which, in turn, can drive revenue streams for the host operator.
22 February 2023

Building a vertically focused comms business for B2B for MNOs

Enterprise communications needs are evolving, and the cloud PBX market is growing to support them. Differentiation will increasingly be required.
02 February 2023

Call recording with SIPREC – standards-based network call recording for your B2B customers

Network-based call recording is a key revenue stream for many operators. With SIPREC, there’s an enhanced approach, based on IETF standards – find out how Gintel can deliver call recording as a standalone or integrated IMS function, so you can offer the best service to your customer and partner with the right storage and retrieval platform.
19 January 2023

Managing the cloud transition – flexibility from Gintel for your B2B services

Whether you want fully cloud-hosted, or require local deployment in your data centres, Gintel’s Cloud PBX gives you the flexibility and options you need. Align with your overall cloud strategy and scale with us.

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