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28 November 2023

It’s “only” a telecoms service until it’s much more than that. When it’s working for a food bank, it makes a difference

When we think of B2B communications services, we tend to think in terms of classical use cases – call handling for offices, retail outlets, bank branches, and so on. We may consider (at Gintel, we always do) mobility aspects and how users connect to the solution via the network – but we don’t often think of how such solutions can benefit non-commercial organisations.
30 October 2023

Service, quality – and premium services for B2B. How MVNOs can embrace the business opportunity.

At MVNO Nation Live, we learnt how today’s MVNOs are light-years away from simple value propositions. Service and quality are weapons they have honed to succeed – and customers recognise this. So, why not leverage these assets to target B2B customers, who are neglected by MNOs?
23 October 2023

One club sandwich to go!

We return to the town of Gintelberg once more, this time hungry and in search of a takeaway. Plus, a side order of enterprise telecoms services, as we explore how ‘real’ businesses benefit from Gintel’s Cloud PBX, delivered, in this case, by an MVNO.
17 October 2023

Lawyers in Gintelberg!

You could be forgiven for thinking that a firm of attorneys in small-town Gintelberg didn’t practice on the cutting edge of the law. After all, located some distance from the bright lights of the nearest big city and in a location hardly over-run with criminal enterprises, the community has been described as “sleepy” more than once before.
03 October 2023

Successfully delivering enterprise services in Gintelberg? Only if the shoe fits…

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, then you may remember Gintelberg, the fictitious but nevertheless representative town that we described recently. If you haven’t been introduced to it yet, Gintelberg is the sort of place where most of us live and work and, for that matter, where we consume our telecoms services.

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