Making things speak - why IoT needs a voice and why CSPs can provide it.

The IoT market is booming and CSPs are trying to ensure they secure new revenues from this exciting opportunity. Their networks and OSS capabilities will be essential for many IoT applications and services. But, they have other assets that can enhance and extend IoT applications, creating yet more value – voice and call processing, over secure, reliable networks. Find out more.


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Virtualisation – service issues and challenges. Solved

Virtualisation is a key strategic shift for all operators. While 5G networks will be fully virtualised, operators are gradually evolving their current infrastructure through the addition of new virtual elements and the replacement of legacy platforms. This process will take time, so what does this mean for valuable services? How can you ensure that current, revenue generating services can be compatible with future infrastructure, while offering continuity to legacy connections?

VoLTE, Virtualisation, 5G, PSTN

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4G feature-phones have an important role to play – use them to target key industries and segments.

Feature-phones are set for a comeback as new low-cost devices enter the market, optimised for 4G and VoLTE. The market is expected to surge, and this creates an opportunity for service providers to target verticals and segments that can benefit from lower-cost devices as well as advanced communications services.

4G, UC, Mobile PBX, VoIP, 5G, Featurephones

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Service providers new to the hosted PBX market don’t have to start from scratch

Hosted PBX sales rocketed from 4% of the total PBX market in 2010, to 18% in 2017 to reach $5 billion in 2017. Eastern Management Group estimates that there will soon be 3,000–4,000 service providers offering hosted PBX services in order to take advantage of this huge opportunity. So how can a service provider new to the market become a hosted PBX provider quickly and easily?

Hosted PBX, MNOs, MVNOs, UC, Unified Communications

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Boost user experience for business customers

Operators continue to deliver a limited range of services to many of their business customers and yet many are also investing heavily in new analytics and assurance solutions in order to obtain deeper insight into customer experience. These may help, but it’s missing the point: operators already know a great deal about their customers and that they are embracing cloud services. As the original providers of cloud services, why not build on their existing relationships to offer a better experience to business customers?

SME, SoHo Market, Customer Experience Management

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