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10 April 2024

Open Source or commercial Cloud PBX solutions? Sorting the wheat from the chaff

Are you using Open-Source solutions for Cloud PBX and hosted business services?  We speak to many service providers that have chosen this path – but now wish to move to commercially supported solutions. What’s driving this change? There are many good reasons....
04 April 2024

Why does the telco market’s “invisible man” continue to be ignored?

For a long time now, received wisdom has been that there’s a fierce battle for market share being fought in the telco market. That may be true – but why is one potentially sector consistently overlooked?
19 March 2024

Integrating cloud and mobile PBX with Microsoft Teams: reap the benefits

When it comes to weighing up your cloud and mobile PBX choices, one thing you’ll want to consider is integration with collaboration tools, in particular Microsoft Teams. Why? Well for one thing our reliance on collaboration software is ever increasing. Analyst firm Statista suggests the market is projected to reach a value of US$15.05bn in 2024[1]. And it’s expected to continue growing, reaching $16.12bn by 2028. In other words, most of us are already communicating via these tools.
08 March 2024

API ecosystems? MWC brought these into focus. Where do you sit in your API partner journey?

At MWC 24, many operators announced the availability of public APIs – but who is going to use them? Are these initiatives targeted to the right users? Not if you’re not working with the right ISVs and SIs.
22 February 2024

Cloud PBX? Pick of the crop. Find out how rural businesses can benefit from Cloud PBX delivered by mobile.

In the fertile land that lies to the north of the town of Gintelberg sits the region’s biggest farm. Though Gintelberg’s Chamber of Commerce thinks of itself as principally representing a fast-growing, modern business community (as we’ve seen in other recent blogs), in fact the farm, a bastion of traditional regional enterprise, is one the area’s largest employers with, at peak season, well over 200 workers to hand. In this part of Norway, rural business is big business!

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