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03 October 2023

Successfully delivering enterprise services in Gintelberg? Only if the shoe fits…

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, then you may remember Gintelberg, the fictitious but nevertheless representative town that we described recently. If you haven’t been introduced to it yet, Gintelberg is the sort of place where most of us live and work and, for that matter, where we consume our telecoms services.
22 September 2023

Checking back in on our interns – demonstrating our APIs via games and automating SIP testing

Using telecoms to drive user engagement and interaction – and automating SIP testing from log data – our interns delivered.
19 September 2023

Meet Gintel at MVNO Nation Live 2023 – launch B2B solutions to meet the needs of the underserved SME segment

Target customers with compelling B2B service offers – and win.
12 September 2023

Call recording services: a growth opportunity?

For telcos, call recording represents an increasingly significant tranche of their business, reflected in the fact that the market for Call Recording Solutions is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% between 2023 and 2030 according to analyst firm Reliable Business Insights[1].
30 August 2023

Analysys Mason reckons SMEs are underserved. So, where’s the opportunity? Explore Gintelberg and find out!

CSPs of all stripes aspire to deliver the right services to the right market segments at the right time. Their focus has, largely, been on the largest companies, using scale to drive revenue, profit, and growth. But that focus doesn’t really reflect the market at large, as Analysys Mason has noted in a recent report. By directing attention at the largest companies, service providers neglect a significant proportion of the market.

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