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31 May 2023

What’s your future B2B business going to look like?

Where is innovation in operator delivered B2B services going to come from? Yes, we will have more tools to play with, and more areas to address – but partnership is also key to differentiation.
30 May 2023

Twinning and more – managing mobile numbers for SoHo users

How can you deliver a simple but valuable service to business users who don’t look like businesses? Help them manage calls across different devices and identities.
25 April 2023

API enablement programmes can succeed – but you need the right targets

Creating an API enablement programme is not easy – and repeated efforts to do so show how hard this can be. Nevertheless, it can be done. Here are some key tips, based on more than a decade of success.
11 April 2023

GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative – will these finally enable the successful launch of commercial API models for MNOs?

New initiative seeks to support commercialisation of network APIs – but MNOs should learn from their peers that have already enjoyed success in this domain. Otherwise, success will be hard to achieve. We’ve helped Tier 1s secure rewards – ask us how to do it.
28 March 2023

What to think about when it’s time to migrate from a legacy platform

If your hosted legacy PBX or IP Centrex platform offering is reaching the end of its shelf life and is due for replacement, you face a fundamental question regarding what do next; replicate and rebuild it, or start again entirely, from a clean slate. What’s the best approach?

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