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25 October 2022

Why age is a factor in the B2B service experiences you deliver

Millennial and younger users form an increasing proportion of the overall business population. They have different expectations for the services they use – and different ways in which they interact with them. Forget about the user manual and legacy approaches – instead, think about the overall experience and simplicity.
13 October 2022

B2B revenues – struggling to rise against consumer growth

B2B is always identified as the growth opportunity for telcos – and new services have been promoted as providing an answer. But as a recent report points out, new services need to be built on connectivity – and there’s a better way than trying to invest in as yet unproven opportunities.
29 September 2022

The Gintel Cloud PBX for service providers

Launch new B2B services with market-leading Cloud PBX services from Gintel – proven in the most competitive markets in the world. Take advantage of Gintel’s Cloud PBX as a Service offer and benefit from new hosted services today.
23 September 2022

What might differentiated 5G services look like in practice?

Delivering differentiated voice and multi-media services has long been an aspiration for MNOs. Efforts have, largely, been limited – but 5G brings the potential to take voice and multi-media communications into new areas, blending capabilities with specialist requirements, provided your core voice engines have the flexibility to adapt.
06 September 2022

The IN dilemma – readiness for the next generation

Innovation in IN is a bit of an oxymoron, given that the service principles were established more than 40 years ago. But, IN remains an elegant solution that supports a range of essential operator services. Despite this venerability, there’s plenty of life left in IN – which means innovation must happen around the core functionality.

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