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25 October 2022

Why age is a factor in the B2B service experiences you deliver

Millennial and younger users form an increasing proportion of the overall business population. They have different expectations for the services they use – and different ways in which they interact with them. Forget about the user manual and legacy approaches – instead, think about the overall experience and simplicity.

A changing business population demands a modern approach to communications

The growing presence of millennials (or generation Y) in the workplace has brought a number of important changes. And, with generation Z entering the workforce, there are more to come. As the European Union has noted “By 2030, hyper-connected, tech savvy millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.”

This shift has been written about many times – but most such commentary dwells on a particular point – in the EU’s words, these new recruits will be “tech savvy”. Indeed, we’re told this so much that it has become something of a cliché.

But, just because something’s a cliché, doesn’t mean it’s true. Today’s workers are more and more likely to have grown up with the internet, to have long exposure to apps – and to have their own ideas about how to use them. All of which means that they will have both different attitudes to workplace applications and also different ways in which they will use them. They will also have different expectations.

Most software companies recognise this. Many operators do too, at least in the sense that they may have introduced new brands to try to capture the younger market (and, in some cases, the older demographic too) but it can be overlooked that this means that we must also consider how users of different ages will interact with operator delivered B2B services.

Legacy hosted PBXs do not meet the demands of younger users

Let’s consider a hosted PBX service, for example. Many of these are derived from legacy PBX solutions. If anyone can remember on-premises PBXs, these had a host of (often superfluous) features and came with an extensive user manual. It’s safe to say that millennials do not use user manuals and that they explore technology and applications in a more intuitive, experiential manner. They discover the features and capabilities of use to them, rather than learning from a manual that may run to hundreds of pages. Two questions are paramount:

  1. Is this relevant to me?
  2. How does this help me?

All of which means that, as a service provider, you need to think not just in terms of how users interact with the hosted PBX services you deliver, but who is going to use them. Increasingly, this is going to be millennials – who will not accept complexity, unnecessary feature bloat, or a poor user interface that limits their productivity. So, stickiness will depend on getting that experience right.

Design is as important as functionality

Good design is paramount – you need to be sure that you can cater for the needs of “tech savvy” millennials and offer them something that’s easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to make the most of. And, they also have different ideas when it comes to perfection – good enough is a mantra for many in the software world now, and that should also be a consideration alongside others.

We’ve learnt this through long exposure to changing business populations. In particular, our experience with challenger brands that seek to offer simpler service delivery than established players has taught us the benefits of optimised portals and interfaces that allow users to effortlessly benefit from the underlying features – but in an intuitive manner that requires no training and enables immediate adoption.

The result of these lessons is that our customers benefit from modern, optimised user interfaces that deliver outstanding experiences. They remove complexity and provide a comfortable environment for any user – millennial or otherwise. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you deliver services that will delight your millennial customers?

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