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25 April 2024

How do you protect your B2B VAS services if you have to change your IMS?

Changing IMS platforms could mean that your B2B VAS services are put at risk. How can you protect them so you can enhance your B2B offers in the future?

IMS is proven and well-known – but change can be required

The IMS market has been pretty stable for several years. There was an initial flurry of deployments, mostly from fixed operators in the years from around 2008. When VoLTE came along, mobile operators that hadn’t already deployed an IMS core began their own migrations. This process remains ongoing.

There was also a period of consolidation – some operators had two IMS platforms, one for their fixed network, and one for their mobile network. The main movement we saw was consolidation to a common service framework for fixed and mobile – again, a process that remains in progress.

All of this means that we’ve deployed our solutions alongside IMS platforms from most vendors. In the last couple of years, we’ve also seen other drivers for IMS replacement emerge – principally led by Government influence.

This means that some operators to which we have spoken have been confronted by the need to replace an existing, mature operational platform with one from an alternative vendor.

A more diverse IMS ecosystem

Another more recent factor has been the emergence of competitive IMS solutions – from vendors outside the big four or five. While mostly of interest to smaller operators with perhaps fewer than a million or so subscribers, this means there are now more potential IMS solutions available than perhaps there were a decade or so ago.

In short, IMS remains an essential platform for operators of all kinds and all sizes – and we see no sign of any change towards an alternative.

So, what if you do have to change your IMS platform, whether because you are replacing a legacy version or have been forced into the switch? Of course, this is a major task – that will consume resources, but it also has implications for your IMS service layer.

You’ll probably have some services provided by the IMS vendor in question, but you may also have some from other suppliers. Can all of these services be migrated to the new platform? Which will be replaced by the new vendor? In some cases, we’ve seen situations in which a given service has been retired by its original supplier – and so is no longer available for migration.

That’s a problem if it’s a strong revenue generator, like those in your B2B VAS portfolio.

Market-leading B2B VAS for your IMS migration and investment

So, protecting your service portfolio is a critical element of any change in your IMS platform – whether starting from scratch, as some operators are, or if transitioning from one IMS to another.

That’s an area in which the Gintel difference can really matter. Our solutions aren’t just differentiated from the user and operator perspective, they are adaptable to any deployment environment and core IMS platform.

We’re not just a provider of market leading B2B solutions, such as Cloud PBX, we’re also experts in IMS and the integrations surrounding a successful solution. And, we can help operators who need to replace a legacy B2B VAS solution, if, for whatever reason, it can’t be migrated to the new IMS environment.

B2B solutions need tight integration with your IMS core

The thing is, choosing a service solution is only part of the operational lifecycle. It must be adaptable to your chosen deployment model (cloud, private cloud, in-network), compatible with the different interfaces (ISC and others like Diameter, and legacy service protocols, such as CAMEL), as well as your OSS / BSS and provisioning elements.

You need a solution provider that truly understands this landscape – so, if you are changing or investing in IMS solutions, we should talk about how you protect and enhance B2B VAS services.

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How do you protect your B2B VAS services if you have to change your IMS?

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