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19 September 2023

Meet Gintel at MVNO Nation Live 2023 – launch B2B solutions to meet the needs of the underserved SME segment

Target customers with compelling B2B service offers – and win.

Agile MVNOs can use SMEs to drive growth – find out how with Gintel

MVNOs are an ideal vehicle for targeting niche markets that are overlooked by larger, more established players. Agile, lean and eager to capitalise on neglected opportunities, MVNOs can get to market fast and succeed.

B2B is a huge opportunity – but you don’t need to be Goliath to succeed. That’s because there are – literally – tens of thousands of small businesses that need communications solutions that help them manage calls to and from their businesses – so they can work more efficiently. As an MVNO, you can help them – and there are gaps in the market that give you the opportunity to succeed.

As respected analysts and consultants, Analysys Mason have pointed out, most MNOs neither understand the SME and SoHo market, nor seek to target them with offers that can help solve challenges they face .

"The SOHO market remains relatively underserved and there are substantial opportunities for operators that have an appetite to meet the demand from this segment."

According to Analysys Mason, though, there are misconceptions on both sides, as many SoHo players remain unconvinced that they really need business-grade services. We take issue with that, because we work with MVNOs (and MNOs) that really get it.

Depend on our cloud solutions to get to market quickly

They know that there many ways in which they can help smaller business customers – with solutions that range from Cloud PBX to manage calls to small teams, to call recording as a business tool – all the way to effective distribution of calls to people, based on their availability and schedules.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, though – you can see how MVNOs have positioned to address and meet these needs, here. We’ve helped Talkmore and others to launch SME / SoHo customers, with compelling services that really solve their problems. Backed by digital on-boarding, our cloud-based solutions have enabled our partners and customers to win in SME and SoHo markets.

This year’s edition of MVNO Nation Live offers the ideal time to find out how you can join them – and launch award-winning solutions that enable differentiation, sustained growth and long-term profit.

So, why not meet our team? We’re heading to Valencia, so if you are an MVNO and you’re wondering how you can differentiate and succeed, you should meet us.

Book a meeting with our team at MVNO Nation Live – and find out how you can win with SME and SoHo customers, solving their challenges and securing market leadership for your business.

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