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17 October 2023

Lawyers in Gintelberg!

You could be forgiven for thinking that a firm of attorneys in small-town Gintelberg didn’t practice on the cutting edge of the law. After all, located some distance from the bright lights of the nearest big city and in a location hardly over-run with criminal enterprises, the community has been described as “sleepy” more than once before.

But if that’s what you thought, you’d be wrong in at least one sense. As it turns out, while not a hotbed of crime Gintelberg is home to one of its region’s most forward-thinking law firms: Brokken and Fixtt. So, let’s meet them.

B&F is a partnership founded by four enterprising lawyers who broke away from one of the town’s traditional firms. Together, they determined to find new and better ways of doing business, motivated by the idea of making the law more accessible. They understand that reach their goal, telecommunications services will have a vital role to play.

Their team is made up of Aldo Brokken and Lucy Fixtt (together responsible for the firm’s eponymous name), as well as Michael Olsen, and Dominic Larsen. With all four in their early thirties, they’re a technology literate (passionate, even) team and aware that in building up their firm’s communication systems, they’re not encumbered by the burden of legacy systems.

They understand that to deliver the client services they want to provide as well as to work seamlessly with each other, they will need an upgraded communications infrastructure that can keep pace with their ideas and enable far more fluent and effective interactions with their clients and among themselves.

The Brokken and Fixtt communications infrastructure

The old set-up, far from cutting edge, amounted to little more than four mobile subscriptions from one service provider, each representing a separate consumer relationship.

There’s also a fifth employee whom we haven’t mentioned yet, Birgit, who acts as receptionist and PA to the four principals. (Brokken & Fixt eschews the idea that every lawyer needs a personal secretary, underlining its non-traditional credentials). Birgit also has a mobile subscription of her own, so that makes five.

The solution?

What, the team wonder, do Brokken & Fixt need to do to bring their communications infrastructure up to par? The answer lies in a new Cloud PBX service, available from an innovative B2B MVNO.

With the new service, they can unify the five individual numbers into a group, with the addition of a new virtual number to act as the main contact point. By bringing these users together, calls to the main number can then be handled according to simple configuration rules, sending them to Birgit, when she’s available, or to voicemail ,or other users, as they prefer.

The main B&F number – a fixed number despite there being no fixed phone – takes care of most incoming calls, and also allows some callers to get immediate access to one of the team, based on prioritised lists. So, large clients can contact Aldo or the other partners directly, when they need to. But, in general, they’re usually in meetings, so can also manage their own settings to show availability.

The firm’s opening hours are strict, the four attorneys work long days, and the main number defaults to night service between 1800 and 0830, with all calls terminating in voicemail.

They also obtained a second virtual number, which acts as an out-of-hours helpline. This connects to two of the mobile numbers, so that two members of the team can be contacted out-of-hours and can spring into action immediately. This would underly the firm’s proposed new advertising strapline: “Call Brokken, Get Fixt” which would then be more accurate, at least when Lucy was assigned to answer incoming calls. Since out-of-hours duties are shared, the team can assign the number to different mobile numbers, so they can each take their turn.

With the new system, each of the team members can control how they handle calls, while acting together to ensure that all are processed effectively. Birgit has full visibility and can make executive decisions based on her understanding of the clients. So, while she has oversight, everyone can be reached more easily, and client communications has been enhanced.

Best of all, they just use their mobile devices, so there’s no need for expensive desk clutter. When signing up for the Cloud PBX solution, configuration was managed online, via a simple process – while the MVNO also handled migration from their previous mobile service provider so that they can also benefit from its services.

In Gintelberg, even lawyers benefit from the best B2B services

It all sounds so simple – and it was. Yet, unlike our friends at Brokken & Fixt in Gintelberg, many other firms in small towns across the continent, much-needed enterprise services aren’t being available - and small businesses are being run entirely reliant on inadequate personal, consumer-designed telecoms services. Why?

There’s really no reason why any company – regardless of size – shouldn’t be able to access and then benefit from mobile-first Cloud PBX services that solve daily problems and enhance their communication possibilities.

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