24 February 2022

Gintel welcomes new CEO, Frode Thulien - bringing decades of experience and boosting the leadership team for continued growth

Gintel is excited to announce the appointment of Frode Thulien as our new CEO. Frode is an experienced leader, board member and investor, who brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a background in the ICT industry, Frode has driven change and success in every organisation he has served.

At a time of transformation and convergence in the telecoms sector, with increasing alignment between IT and traditional telco domains, driven by migration to the cloud, virtualisation and the next wave of 5G, Frode’s cross-sector experience will be invaluable as Gintel positions for further growth and evolution. Frode Thulien

“Gintel has a strong team, proven solutions and outstanding customer relations. We’re investing in the growth of our business and to deliver new innovations for our partners”, said Frode. “I’m delighted to join the team and look forward to building on the success we’ve enjoyed in recent years, as we help our customers prepare for the next wave of 5G.”

Gintel has grown significantly in recent years, demonstrating our strategic importance as a supplier to operators that have built leadership positions in B2B markets. Frode’s appointment by our board represents the next phase of our development, as we bring the innovations we have delivered to industry leaders to a broader audience.

“Having led teams across the world – in Asia, South and North America, throughout the Nordics, and the UK – I’m looking forward to helping Gintel build on its strong foundations, as we forge new strategic partnerships and explore opportunities with a growing ecosystem of collaborators”, added Frode.

Founded in 2001, Gintel has been delivering innovative solutions for more than 20 years, helping operators with core network services and to provide outstanding experiences to B2B customers. Our operator partners have secured leadership positions in their markets.

With the appointment of Frode Thulien, our organisation is taking steps to expand and to help more operators secure relevance in B2B markets globally. Backed by increasing investment in our products and services, we seek to accelerate our customers’ pursuit of tangible value and increased competitive edge.

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