12 December 2016

Gintel recognised as Gazelle for the second successive year!

Gintel’s continued growth, success and performance recognised by Dagens Næringsliv with second consecutive Gazelle award.

Gintel is excited and proud to announce that we have been awarded our second Gazelle award by Dagens Næringsliv, the leading Norwegian daily business paper. The awards, established in 2003, recognise and honour fast growing and profitable Norwegian businesses. They are conferred on companies that meet key benchmarks for performance and growth, such as doubling turnover within the previous four years and delivering consistent operational profitability. Gazelle awards are recognised as the most prestigious award for businesses across different sectors in Norway.

Gintel attains the prestigious awards for its continued success and growth, highlighting the fruits of its investments in people, technology and processes. “Our innovation continues to pay dividends,” commented Thomas Evensen, CEO of Gintel, “Confirming our status as one of the fastest growing and most successful Norwegian companies, the award of our second Gazelle is a clear validation of our strategy and efforts. It’s a great honour for our team”.

Since the beginning of 2016, Gintel has succeeded in delivering systems in a number of new countries with new operator and service provider customers, spreading its innovative technology and skills further around the world.

In total, more than 6 million active users are supported on its systems, growth of more than 20% since 2015. Our innovation and investments will continue throughout 2017, as we bring new capabilities to our customers and deliver solutions into even more networks.

The complete list of award winners can be viewed here.

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