18 January 2022

Digital first? How can MVNOs show MNOs how to get B2B right?

Digital native business customers demand more from their service providers – and are using experiences from other domains to challenge legacy approaches. MNOs need to shift to full digital onboarding for comms services – and some B2B MVNOs are showing how this can be achieved.

B2B customers demand frictionless processes

When you sign up to an online service, the process is typically handled entirely through a web interface. Registration, account creation and payment is all managed virtually – while new levels of security for payment (for example, in-app payment confirmation with your bank) have emerged, the basic principles remain the same. You choose the service package you want, select the right plan and sign up.

This digital-first approach eliminates many of the points of friction that used to accompany what should be relatively simple processes. There’s no need to call, no need for complex validation of identity – and any issues are typically handled via email. It’s a proven way for service providers to onboard customers and to reduce their costs. And, since the activation processes are fully integrated with other workflows, the given service can be delivered immediately, with full zero-touch activation.

MNOs have focused digital-first initiatives on consumer offers

Traditional service providers are trying to emulate these practices, with MNOs also striving to deliver digital-first propositions. Some have met with early success but much of the focus has been on consumer markets and offers. However, just as business users sign up for new MS365 accounts or CRM packages via online processes, they should also be able to sign up for communications services.

And, with so-called OTT providers, they can – so why aren’t MNOs also taking the same approach with core communications offers? Well, some mobile service providers are providing such digital-first B2B experiences and have developed integrated processes and procedures to enable such seamless onboarding.

Of course, onboarding is a multi-step process. It’s not just about setting up an account or providing billing details. It has to enable activation and configuration for the service delivered. And, it’s here that many MNOs that are trying to move to digital-first approaches stumble. It’s one thing to enable online creation of accounts, it’s another to create a team and assign numbers.

How a market-leading B2B MVNO is delivering end-to-end digital-first experiences

But, even here, there are providers that are making waves – and showing how MNOs can accomplish this, even for more complex multi-user services. Take Talkmore for example. Talkmore, a B2B MVNO from Norway has nailed this. Users can sign up, create accounts and, crucially, they can also configure their service online as part of the process.

This doesn’t just mean allocating users and identities, but also modifying the basic service, so that routing for calls can be determined, with the appropriate numbers. They can also configure their answer groups and assign users to departments or teams – in other words, they can visualise and configure the service when they sign up.

Seamless integration with the core service platform

This is achieved because the Talkmore portal also includes direct integration with the Gintel service platform that is responsible for delivery of the B2N cloud PBX service – so it’s an integral part of the workflow that includes ordering, payment and more.

That’s what digital-first really means. A complete, end-to-end flow that enables customers to get on board and to do so without friction. It delivers on the vision for seamless service activation and provides an experience that really delights customers – and reduces costs for Talkmore.

So, if you are serious about B2B, then you need to think about the experience delivered – not just while using the service but throughout the whole lifecycle. And that means offering a means for new customers to accelerate service adoption, as well as ensuring effective support while using the services delivered. If you’d like to see more, then why not talk to us? We’ll show you how B2B should be done.

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