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02 February 2023

Call recording with SIPREC – standards-based network call recording for your B2B customers

Network-based call recording is a key revenue stream for many operators. With SIPREC, there’s an enhanced approach, based on IETF standards – find out how Gintel can deliver call recording as a standalone or integrated IMS function, so you can offer the best service to your customer and partner with the right storage and retrieval platform.

Call recording is essential for businesses – for quality and compliance purposes

Call recording has been a necessary function for many companies for many years. It helps them to manage quality, ensure continuous staff training – and, in many regulated sectors, to ensure compliance with national or international regulations. While the basic principles (capture of the required call session; storage for the requisite time period and with the appropriate levels of security; and retrieval when required for training or audit purposes) remain unchanged, the landscape has expanded dramatically.

That’s because there are multiple channels to consider – people increasingly use different tools to enable communications and to engage with clients or business partners. Call recording solutions have diversified to reflect that. However, fixed and mobile telephony still remain essential tools – and mobile has become more important than ever, for the simple reason that more and more people – business or consumer – default to the mobile for a growing proportion of their voice conversations.

So, that means recording the mobile and fixed sessions is of vital importance, particularly when compliance is at stake. And, to ensure the smoothest performance and function, the recording should be carried out natively. This means that for optimum service delivery, recording functions should be network based, so that no user intervention (for example, using a local application on their smart device to initiate recording) is required.

Delivering network-based call recording for more than a decade

We’ve been supporting our operator customers with network-based recording functions for more than a decade. Our solutions have always been integrated with the core network, so that seamless capture of the call sessions and metadata can be achieved. We then direct the recording to the appropriate storage and retrieval facility, typically provided by a partner, or even managed directly by an enterprise customer of the network operator concerned. This platform may also capture recordings from other channels – but we take care of the mobile and fixed elements.

Evolving to SIPREC compliant, IMS-based recording

Like many things, the techniques used to capture these sessions have evolved through time – most recently, with the realisation of the SIPREC standards, developed by the IETF. This provides a set of related specifications for a standards-based approach, leveraging two logical functions - the Session Recording Client (SRC) and the Session Recording Server (SRS).

This approach enables all call scenarios to be captured, via interworking with an SBC and other network elements. It overcomes the limitation of some approaches that had stumbled when confronted with more complex sessions involving multiple call transfers, for example.

In essence, it covers:

  • Recorder Control
  • Session metadata content and format
  • Security mechanisms, including transport and media encryption
  • Privacy concerns, including end-user notification
  • Negotiation of recording media streams

So, it provides a standards-based solution to the problem of network-based recording for mobile and fixed networks – and enables network operators to perform call recording as a service for their B2B (or even consumer) clients, as well as to partner with chosen providers of call storage and retrieval platforms.

Standalone or integrated with our B2B service portfolio

We’ve updated our call recording solution to comply with SIPREC – adopting RFC 7245, as well as RFCs 6341, 7866, and 7865. It’s based on media mirroring to an external platform and our solution is delivered as a standalone IMS application, that can be deployed independently of our other B2B services and the MMTel-AS, or alongside them.

It provides a future-proof path for enabling call (and video) session recording – and one that’s compatible with your evolving networks, across all generations. We’ve deployed this with leading operators in Europe – so, if you are seeking to update your existing solution to align with new specifications, or if you wish to launch a brand-new service, we can help you get there, with a proven, standards-based solution that scales to offer integrated, network-based recording for your customers.

Interested? Let us know and we’ll show you how we can help. 

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