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13 October 2022

B2B revenues – struggling to rise against consumer growth

B2B is always identified as the growth opportunity for telcos – and new services have been promoted as providing an answer. But as a recent report points out, new services need to be built on connectivity – and there’s a better way than trying to invest in as yet unproven opportunities.

TMF identifies B2B as revenue opportunity, but reports B2C is still the driver

The folks over at TelecomTV have an interesting take on a recent report published by the TMF on opportunities for telco growth. According to TelecomTV,

The prevailing and optimistic view is that, aided by the capabilities of standalone 5G, the raw bandwidth of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and smart distributed cloud-native functionality and applications, the enterprise sector is a gold mine ready to be plundered. The current reality, according to a great new report from the analyst team at industry body the TM Forum, is somewhat different, though its findings show very clearly that the B2B sector is the focus of telco growth strategies.

All of which is great – and to be expected – but what’s interesting is that the article then goes on to note how, well, sluggish B2B revenue growth has been when compared to B2C – quoting figures which suggest that the latter outgrew the former by more than 150%. As the author notes, this is curious when the industry is in broad agreement that B2B represents the most promising opportunity.

It takes more than connectivity to win

Further comment is provided:

This is quantifiable confirmation of what the industry has been talking about for a few years: Telcos need to get their act together in the enterprise services sector and be more than just a provider of connectivity services. This isn’t a shocking new revelation…

It’s tempting to wonder if the focus on newer, perhaps more exciting services that haven’t yet attained critical momentum, is distracting attention from things that telcos can do today. One of those is to augment connectivity services with those that provide additional capabilities and give just the revenue uplift that telcos seek.

What’s important here is to remember exactly what those can be – and one of the most compelling and demanded is cloud PBX – whether fully mobile or covering mobile and fixed connections.

Try the Gintel Cloud solution and leverage what you already have to grow

By making this available as a simple add on to any connectivity bundle, telcos can provide a service that generates incremental revenue – and provides a proven model for enhancing customer retention.

Yes, it’s true that new services offer considerable potential, but that’s largely unexplored territory – and one that brings a host of new competitors and new business models. Taking advantage of what you already have represents a sound strategy – and one that could provide the impetus to drive further exploration of these new blue skies.

So, what better way to take steps in this direction than by deploying our cloud-based PBX solution? Offering full mobile or converged FMC capabilities, it’s based on a proven solution that has helped telcos achieve market leadership in highly challenging environments. If you want to take a short cut to B2B revenue success, why don’t you give it a try with Gintel?

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