Customer Experience Management #CEM #CSPCX

According to the Yankee Group, customer experience management requires significant transformation. Customers don’t just buy a service, they get devices, features, support, product evolution, all underpinned by the provider’s brand.

There is much that can be done to improve customer experience and it’s an area in which traditional telecoms providers can differentiate themselves, as we have noted previously. While the long term goal may well be to use data analytics to develop a true 360º picture of subscriber behaviour and requirements, helping create greater anticipation of needs and opportunities to deliver more and better services, there’s much that can be done in the near-term to help achieve differentiation and enhance customer relationships.

A customer’s journey begins with the marketing process, creating awareness of the service that is on offer, such as Mobile IP Centrex, for example. We have seen customers engage in extensive marketing programmes to support their products, using multiple channels and platforms to communicate their messages. The most successful customers have invested most in this promotional activity.

Then there’s the experience of sales – can the customer obtain the product and do the people selling it understand the offer? It’s all very well creating awareness, but if you can’t find out how to buy, painlessly, then the investment is wasted.

Of course, what happens after the contract has been signed is equally important. Do customers feel that they obtain the right level of support? Do they feel that their needs are taken into account with product evolution? There’s much that can be said about the topic, but, ultimately, it comes down to relationships. The service provider needs to consider how it builds a lasting and trusted relationship with its customers.

After all, the customer is still king.

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