Key Success Factor 4 in #Mobile and #IPCentrex: Customer Services

In the race to attract customers, post-sales care is often overlooked, but it assumes a much more important role once a customer subscription has been won. Service providers need to build a long-term, trusted relationship with their customers and that cannot be achieved with an excellent product alone.

It is critical that investment in customer self service, post-sales support and account management is made in order to support the goals of building scale and upselling new features and capabilities.

This is an area in which service providers can excel, if they make the right investments. It’s not easy, but excelling in customer service can be a significant differentiator. After all, it’s one thing sending an email to an anonymous support desk in a remote cloud service provider and trusting that a response might be received in 24 hours; it’s quite another picking up the phone to the dedicated enterprise service support team and expecting help straight away.

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