My #cloud is more secure than yours...

Recent news about outages in some leading cloud provider clusters has reopened debates about security, reliability and performance of cloud-based services. As we have noted, there are clouds and there are clouds. And, there are cloud providers and there are cloud providers.

It’s all very well to temporarily lose access to data, or to have normal backup procedures disrupted: typically, the loss of service isn’t damaging and such procedures can be repeated. Similarly, email and non-real time communications services can also sustain periodic disruption without lasting damage. Best effort is probably good enough.

But real-time voice communication is different. There’s a reason why PSTN networks were so heavily engineered. They needed to withstand all kind of disruption for the simple reason that rare events such as emergency calls just had to work. Centrex services are no different: they need to be secure, reliable and just work. All the time.

That’s why there is a big difference between a Centrex product from a network operator or service provider. Centrex may well be a cloud-based service in today’s taxonomy, but it needs the support of a reliable underlying network, so that the right level of QoS can be attained and appropriate service level guarantees offered.

IP and Mobile Centrex are no different. Untethered and cloud based they may be, but in the right hands, they can achieve full real-time and not best effort performance. Network operators from the traditional telco world have the experience to deliver such services effectively and reliably and this is very different from simply hosting an application on a remote server cluster on the other side of the world.

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