Key Success Factor 3 in Mobile and IP Centrex: Future Service Evolution

In a competitive marketplace, service offers have to evolve in order to ensure that customers remain loyal to the service provider. If there are existing providers of such services, the new entrant needs to be differentiated from their offers. Differentiation on price is not a strategy for long-term success.

Similarly, a successful service launch may inspire competition. New competitors may seek to emulate existing offers. In this case, it is essential to retain a competitive edge by creating a clear roadmap for customers and through the introduction of new features and services. In order to achieve this, it must be possible to innovate features on the chosen Mobile and IP Centrex solution and to have a close relationship with the vendor.

All of Gintel's customers are able to use the Easy Designer service creation environment in order to achieve on-going differentiation and service evolution.

Since Mobile and IP Centrex are services that are expected to flourish for many years, it is essential to think about future needs, over a timespan of several years.

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