Key Success Factor 2 in Mobile and IP Centrex: Simple Service Activation

In addition to effective sales and marketing, we know from exoerience that simple service activation is also a pre-requisite.

Some services available in the market today depend on the availability of downloadable client software or specific devices. This can place an unwarranted burden on enterprises, particularly SMEs.

It is essential that the service can be activated remotely and configured through a simple portal, with minimal interaction with each end user. Service providers using the Gintel solution can create their own branded portals for customer self-service and care, increasing brand loyalty and enhancing the user experience. Similarly, customised switchboard applications can be provided, enabling enterprises to self-brand user interfaces.

There should be no requirement to purchase new hardware or devices: this expense can deter potential users and the fact that no change to user devices is required can be a key value proposition.

Of course, it should also be noted that service providers can provide their own customised phone clients, either as a free download from an established application store, or else as a premium application to which a charge is applied.

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