Key Success Factor 1 in Mobile and IP Centrex: Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing of Mobile and IP Centrex solutions is essential to their success. Although there may be technical challenges associated with launching a service, these can all be resolved. A greater challenge is to be found in ensuring that the service provider motivates and incentivises its sales force – direct and indirect – to sell the packages that they bring to market.

In some markets, such services are well established, but in others they are relatively new and unfamiliar. Marketing of the service needs to be widespread and determined, highlighting a clear, simple and compelling value proposition. The value proposition can be tailored to different segments within the local market: it has to be meaningful to potential customers within the country in which services are to be launched.

Additionally, to be successful, all such services need full support from the sales and marketing teams of the service provider.

From our experience, we have seen how this can be achieved, with national and localised media campaigns, promotional tours and the recruitment of dealer channels to supplement direct sales efforts. But the sales and marketing activity requires as much planning as the specific details of the services, both pre-launch in terms of market research to identify the most compelling offer and attractive customer segments, and post-launch in terms of active selling, engagement and simple service activation.

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