The Sales Cycle Never Stops

At MWC recently, we saw presentations from two of our customers to an invited audience. Common factors to emerge included clear pricing, a range of packages to suit different customer segments that are clearly differentiated, and optional features that drive incremental revenue.

But, in addition to the propositions, it was also clear that sales focus is an essential element to their success. Dedicated direct sales staff, building relationships with clients need to be involved right from the start. You also need a highly motivated channel to reach the whole of the market.

But, just as important is the fact that the connection between customers and service provider needs to be two-way. That is, it's not enough to sell a service and move on, the relationship needs to be maintained so that customer feedback can be integrated with product evolution and enhanced offers. It's an on-going virtuous circle that reinforces the offer and helps build sustainable relationship – and customer loyalty.

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