Class-leading Mobile Centrex Solution from Gintel Lowers Entry Costs for Mobile Operators

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Rapid Time to Market and Low Entry Costs Reduce Barriers to Adoption

Trondheim, Norway, January 2011:

Gintel AS announced today the launch of the new Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level edition, a turnkey Mobile and IP Centrex solution, enabling operators to launch hosted PBX services for mobile, fixed and convergent networks.

With growth potential slowing in consumer markets, mobile and fixed operators are switching their attention to enterprise customers, particularly the SME and SoHo segment. In many countries, more than 90% of businesses have fewer than 20 employees. This segment has traditionally been overlooked by operators, yet offers strong potential for revenue and margin growth. One reason has been the high-cost of Mobile and IP Centrex solutions.

Now, with Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level, operators can quickly and profitably launch services to target SME and SoHo customers, overcoming previously high-barriers to entry that have stifled efforts to bring advanced business services to smaller enterprises.

"Despite the potential of the SME and SoHo market, building a business case for launching services for these customers has not always been straightforward" said Tore Saeter, VP Sales and Marketing of Gintel. "With the Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level model, we have substantially lowered entry costs while preserving a compelling feature set".

Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level edition supports key PBX features and ensures low CAPEX for both operators and their customers. Unlike many competing solutions, Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level is compatible with existing mobile, fixed and IP devices, ensuring there are no upgrade costs for potential customers.

"For the benefits of Virtual PBX solutions to be clear from day one, you have to ensure there are no artificial barriers to customer adoption" added Mr Saeter. "Insisting on handset or software upgrades adds costs and reduces the benefits. The value has to be clear to all".

Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level allows operators to launch hosted PBX services to a small subscriber base, but offers the potential to grow significantly, leveraging Gintel's proven and powerful carrier-grade technology. The new solution significantly changes the market, allowing operators to establish a foothold and grow with their success. By reducing the risk of launching services, Gintel's Easy Virtual PaBX Entry Level edition will ensure operators and their customers benefit from an increasingly advanced range of business services.

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