IMS Migration Strategies

With IMS now acknowledged as the core session control mechanism for voice and multi-media services in LTE, it’s increasingly likely that more and more MNOs will migrate towards an IMS core. When choosing a mobile Centrex platform, MNOs must be sure that the application is compatible with their IMS investments.

Gintel’s Easy Virtual PaBX has already been integrated into IMS environments and, what's more, in addition to supporting direct connectivity to the IMS core via the SIP ISC interface, can also be deployed in conjunction with SCIM and IM SSF elements, ensuring preservation of legacy investment in CAMEL and IN signalling. Gintel has considerable experience of migrating legacy IN triggers to NGN environments. If you are considering launching a mobile Centrex service, you need confidence to ensure that integration with the legacy and future IMS service environment can be achieved. Talk to us and we can explain how.

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