Outsourcing the Switchboard

For larger companies, the value of the switchboard and the receptionist is well known. Ever since Jan Carlzon introduced the concept of the "moment of truth", it has been understood that everyone in an organisation who comes into contact with a customer has an opportunity to influence their decision making process, whether consciously or otherwise. This is particularly applicable to the receptionist or switchboard attendant, because potential customers often form their first impression of a company via their contact with the receptionist.

While many larger companies employ someone specifically for this purpose, not all smaller companies can justify a dedicated receptionist or switchboard attendant. This has led to the emergence of outsourced switchboard services, in which the virtual receptionist provider offers receptionist services to a number of small enterprises. The enterprises benefit from having someone to answer incoming calls to their main number without the costs associated with having a permanent member of staff. But, there's no reason why smaller companies shouldn't enjoy the benefits offered by personalising this moment of truth.

Easy Virtual PaBX provides the ability for service providers to offer such services directly or via partner companies, increasing the suite of services that can be offered to enterprise and SME customers. With outsourced switchboards, there are more opportunities to capitalise on moments of truth.

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