ICIN and the UbiCompForAll Project

Earlier in the month, Gintel was part of the delegation that showcased preliminary results of the UbiCompForAll project at the ICIN conference in Berlin. Ubiquitous Composition For All is an ambitious, long-term research project, funded by the Research Council for Norway that aims to explore the feasibility of enabling service creation and composition by end users.

The research builds on Gintel’s proven capabilities in simplifying service composition. Already, Easy Designer has enabled customer facing personnel in our customers to design and build new services in consultation with their customers. Now, the feasibility of delivering those design capabilities to end user devices, such as mobile handsets, is being explored.

Early project efforts have resulted in a demonstration of the Easy Designer capabilities on end user terminals, with an experimental mini service creation tool called Easy Composer. This is complemented by a lightweight call handling solution that can run on Android devices, called Easy Droid. The Composer / Droid combination has resulted in the ability to implement a range of initial services, such as black list, calendars, event notification, contact lists and SMS creation. What’s more, it has been possible to create blends of the services, allowing the end user to create their own mashups via a suitable handset device.

The early-stage demonstrations attracted considerable interest and, while the project has several more years to run, illustrate clearly how smartphones have the potential to leverage network intelligence and for service composition to be liberated  to end user control.

More information on the UbiCompForAll project can be found here.

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