Differentiated Billing

VPNs and Mobile Centrex products have always included an element of differentiated charging. Calls between users in the same group can be charged at different rates from those outside the group. Different users can be given access to international calls or these privileges can be reserved for specific employees.

Now, Easy Virtual PaBX can offer location-aware billing to enable service providers to support a wider range of differentiated billing products. Through integration with the mobile network and support of MAP / CAP messaging, easy Virtual PaBX can use available location data to implement differentiated charging based on the position of subscribers.

Users of the service can be given different tariffs according to their location, allowing service providers to offer a range of charging plans and special schemes. Multiple locations can be included in the scheme, allowing service providers to locate for different office and work locations. As more and more workers spend time away from the office, this can be of great advantage if, for example, they are working from home offices instead of the primary location.

Contact us to discuss how close integration with the mobile network can complement mobile Centrex solutions with geofencing capabilities.

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