Easy Designer in the field: taking service creation to the customer

With the help of the Easy Designer service creation environment, our customers have been able to offer service customisation capabilities to meet the individual needs of their customers. Now, with an offline version of the Easy Designer toolkit, sales staff and account managers can take provide full details of the available service flows directly to customers. The sales teams can demonstrate customised services, allowing customers to select the options that best suit their needs, using available resources and capabilities.

The offline Easy Designer is a java-based application that can be installed on any laptop. It can be distributed amongst the sales team and other customer-facing staff to enable them to discuss individual service flows and events with their customers. Using the GUI, service flows can be created or modified to ensure the needs of each customer are met. As customer-facing staff truly understand the needs of their subscribers, who better than to work with them to ensure that they obtain the service they require?

In the past, it has been impractical to offer dedicated service customisation capabilities to any except the largest corporate customers. Now, with the simplicity of Easy Designer and a mobile sales force, service customisation can become part of the overall service package. The service provider can choose the business model of its choice – charging customers for customisation, or offering them a range of prebuilt service options. For service providers, the goal of profitable mass customisation can be realised – to the advantage of their customers.

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