Managing the cloud transition – flexibility from Gintel for your B2B services

Managing the cloud transition – flexibility from Gintel for your B2B services

Whether you want fully cloud-hosted, or require local deployment in your data centres, Gintel’s Cloud PBX gives you the flexibility and options you need. Align with your overall cloud strategy and scale with us.

Cloud migration for real-time services and networks

Cloud or not? For many operators, this has become an easy decision. Cloud assets provide a smooth pathway to support scale and to deliver new levels of agility. For many, it’s no longer a matter of “if” but “when” – as we are seeing with the growing number of announcements regarding cloud deployments for infrastructure, services, OSS / BSS components and more.

It's been exciting to see how attitudes have changed. 10 years ago, the idea that the IMS core could be cloud-hosted was somewhat revolutionary (we remember the topic emerging at IMS conferences during that period). Today, it’s accepted as a perfectly feasible and, in many cases, even desirable model.

The same is true for OSS elements or even RAN controllers. C-RAN is now gathering pace, demonstrating that even the most critical elements of the network can migrate to the cloud. And, we’ve seen this for many years in the enterprise domain – what business today doesn’t leverage something from the cloud? So, as we all know, expectations have evolved – and that’s why we’ve moved our own mobile and virtual PBX solution to the cloud.

Whereas we’ve traditionally deployed this directly into operator data centres, with connectivity to the IMS and other OSS elements, for new deployments, almost the first question is, can we have a cloud version? The answer is, yes, delivering the same Tier 1 performance that our customers expect from Gintel.

Regulation can govern deployment models to protect data privacy

However, there are cases for which the cloud transition is less clear. There can be data protection issues and national regulations that mandate the deployment of certain elements within data centres located in-country, for example. As such, cloud transition is not a binary event – despite all of the noise, we’re going to see a variety of models persisting, even if the overall direction of travel is towards greater cloud adoption.

Cloud or your network, the choice is yours

The Gintel approach to the cloud recognises this and respects the fact that different regulatory regimes will, ultimately drive the model adopted by any given operator. Gintel’s Cloud PBX is, as you might expect, fully available from the cloud, but should it be required, it can also be deployed into your own data centre, ensuring full compliance with any local data protection regulations.

There are two key points here. First, the solution is identical, with the same roadmap and evolution path, just a different deployment model. The second is that, should the regulatory situation change, you can adjust and adapt to ensure that Cloud PBX also evolves according to any differences.

So, it’s not one or the other – we can bring you the best of both worlds, depending on your requirements, regulations and preferences. We’ll be sharing our innovations, framework and new cloud investments at MWC this year – so, if you are planning to attend, why not meet our team, so we can explore your goals and show you how we can deliver growth for your business segments.

Meet Gintel at MWC and discover our new Cloud PBX.

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