Expanding the Enterprise Business Opportunity with White Label and Multi-Tenant Solutions

ROI for mobile or IP Centrex projects is often based on the direct revenue that a service provider can achieve. That is, the number of direct customer subscriptions to the mobile or IP Centrex product. While that will certainly generate rapid ROI and excellent long term profit potential, there is a wider opportunity: to host other service providers on the same platform.

White labelling and multi-tenancy are not new ideas. In principle, the “host” service provider needs simply to partition the service platform and allow other virtual service providers to create branded offers which they can then sell into their own niche markets. This has numerous benefits: the virtual service provider deploys its sales resources to sell the solution, but at no risk to the host service provider, extending the addressable market or taking the solution into areas that can be hard to reach.

To be successful, it’s important for the virtual provider to be able to differentiate their services. Gintel’s Easy Virtual PaBX offers this capability: from a single platform, multiple, differentiated services can be launched, offered by different service providers, while the host develops its core business.

Easy Virtual PaBX comes with a comprehensive, intuitive Service Creation Environment, delivered as a simple GUI which enables service providers to produce customised services in hours, not weeks, for deployment at the click of a button. Multiple service providers can offer their portfolio from the same platform with clear differentiation, allowing the host service provider to address the broadest possible market opportunity as well as building their own customer base. There is now a comprehensive off-line demo of Easy Designer which illustrates its powerful capabilities, available on request. A short-version is available on our website, but dedicated demonstration sessions can be arranged on request. Contact us to learn more about Easy Designer and the Easy Virtual PaBX solution for IP and Mobile Centrex applications.

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