The Gintel Cloud PBX for service providers

The Gintel Cloud PBX for service providers

Launch new B2B services with market-leading Cloud PBX services from Gintel – proven in the most competitive markets in the world. Take advantage of Gintel’s Cloud PBX as a Service offer and benefit from new hosted services today.

Cloud PBX as a Service to accelerate B2B revenue growth

For operators that have yet to launch hosted B2B services, there can be a range of obstacles that prevent action. Despite this, many existing business customers are eager to benefit from hosted mPBX, IP Centrex or Cloud PBX solutions. For operators, this presents an opportunity to grow ARPU while boosting subscriber and account retention.

Friction can come from the organisational adaptations necessary to launching a new service and extending existing infrastructure. Put simply, it can often be hard to do so when coping with other network changes and managing your existing portfolio. Gintel’s newly enhanced Cloud PBX service helps eliminate these frictions. It’s delivered as a fully managed service, from the cloud, providing easy activation.

Connectivity to the cloud can be enabled via a simple SIP trunk, with voice and media processing either delivered from our platform, or co-located in your network, depending on your preference.

Fully managed, from the cloud

Gintel’s team enables service delivery, test and commissioning, backed by assurance to deliver a carrier-grade service that builds on or replaces existing solutions. Integrations are available to extend functionality into other business, adding value for your customers.

Our solution is based on our existing flagship platform, proven to drive business in some of the world’s most competitive markets. It builds on success and provides a simple model to accelerate the launch of hosted B2B services for MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and more – or as an option for MVNEs to integrate into their service portfolio.

Building on proven success

Operators have been delivering hosted voice solutions to enterprise and business customers for decades – after all, long before IP Centrex was born, Centrex services have been delivered since the 1960s. And, mobile PBX has been with us for 20 years or so. Or course, many operators continue to favour the deployment of such solutions in their own networks and to manage them directly.

The cloud has brought a change. Infrastructure, operational processes and service have long been shifting to the cloud – and every operator now has a cloud strategy or is building one. As a result, almost every conversation we have these days concerns the cloud. So, the new Gintel Cloud PBX provides a flexible solution, enabling easy adoption and rapid time to market – building on our proven solutions that have driven revenue from hosted services for decades. Want to know how to get on board? Let’s talk.

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