10 million B2B end-users – and counting

10 million B2B end-users – and counting

In aggregate, our operator and service provider customers have connected more than 10 million B2B end-user subscribers to our solutions. They work hard to achieve differentiation and to stay relevant to customers. In turn, they benefit from sustained, recurring revenue – and growth.

B2B success is hard-won

Success in B2B markets for operators can be hard to achieve but the rewards are clear. Higher ARPU, enhanced stickiness, and the opportunity to deliver new services to customers that are engaged with your offers. Our operator and service provider customers know this – with the result that, today, there are more than 10 million end-user B2B customers served by our solutions globally. All of which pay for services beyond connectivity, generating recurring revenue that boost profits.

By any measure, that’s a significant number. It continues to grow, as our customers and partners recruit more business subscribers – and upsell mobile office and other services to them. Each of these operators has a slightly different focus – some are established operators, with significant market share in their markets, while others are challengers, building a proposition that enables them to focus on specific segments.

Customer experience matters

They all, however, share one thing in common: an absolute focus on customer experience. It is this that has allowed them to succeed and thrive, even if their propositions differ. They can achieve this thanks to the flexibility of our solutions. With the same core architecture, our platform and modules enable operators to craft the proposition they need for their chosen market, giving them control of their product portfolio.

It is this that differentiates us as a solution vendor, and them as service providers. They can stand out in their market and offer something that is different from their rivals and that can evolve with their needs.

Differentiation is a journey – let Gintel guide you

What’s clear is that a one-size-fits-all approach or a ‘me too’ offer isn’t enough to succeed over a sustained period. B2B customers have changing needs. Their businesses evolve and must adapt to changing circumstances – some driven internally, while other, external factors can also be hugely significant. As such, the tools they use and the ways in which they use them must also change – and service providers have a key role in supporting these changing requirements.

This supports differentiation – the continuous drive to maintain competitive advantage and relevance to subscribers. Our customers have succeeded in challenging markets, managing to build successful, sustainable businesses that generate profits. 10 million end-users can’t be wrong. If you’d like to see what we can do for you, why not get in touch?

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