What’s your cloud? Where do you want to deploy your service platforms?

What’s your cloud? Where do you want to deploy your service platforms?

What kind of cloud do you need to support real-time services and operational systems? Public, private, hybrid – the choice is driven by many factors. We’ll help you secure the optimum arrangement, that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

What kind of cloud do you mean?

We’re often asked about cloud deployments – indeed, it’s usually a discussion that occurs early in the conversation with an MNO about future deployment options. That’s because all MNOs are building out some kind of cloud infrastructure, so it’s natural to ask if our solutions can also be delivered in that cloud.

However, there a quite a few different cloud options – and not all of them are suitable (or permitted) in different countries and regulatory environments. Of course, we can deliver from the cloud. Indeed, we now have an AWS-based solution that’s available for trial and demo purposes.

Different stakeholders may have very different cloud requirements

But, while the public cloud is great for a trial or for a demo, it’s not necessarily suitable for full deployment – not for performance requirements, but typically because of other concerns. For example, some MNOs and operators are specifically required to deploy solutions within country, in order to comply with data protection regulations in specific jurisdictions. If that’s the case, then a private cloud deployment becomes the next topic for discussion.

Again, that’s perfectly possible and we can provide solutions that are compatible with different environments, so that’s not a problem. At this point, discussions are often extended to the IT team and other operational staff. And, of course, attention turns to security and integration with other assets, such as the IMS core, OSS and BSS.

The stakeholders typically prefer real-time solutions to be deployed alongside others, with a clearly demarcated and defended environment – in other words, within their telco cloud environment, which may in in the MNOs own data centre.

The point is that the cloud is a big topic and there are lots of different possibilities. Each MNO has its own preference and requirements, but these are subject to influences from different stakeholders, each of which must be considered before the final decision is taken.

Whatever your cloud strategy, Gintel will help you meet your current and future goals

We don’t mind which way things go – we can adapt to your cloud, a private cloud data centre or the public cloud. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the deployment is secured in line with your overall cloud strategy, data protection policies and security measures. And, we have to consider the integration requirements with other systems – all of which are evolving along different paths towards automation and virtual operations.

So, we’re happy to have any conversation you like about the cloud and can provide the flexibility you need to support your cloud strategy and goals – and to enable evolution from one model to another, as you build out and extend your service and operational infrastructure. In other words, if you’re headed to the cloud, we’ll help you achieve your goals and support your journey.

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