Is Mobile IP Centrex Better Business than Application Stores?

Recent research from Moriana suggested that Apple gains between $20 – 45 million per billion application downloads. That’s a lot of effort and customer activity for a relatively modest return. If the UK IP Centrex market alone is worth around £43 million, this figure is put into stark perspective. What are the global numbers? What will they grow to in the next three to five years? Running an application store is an intensive business and that doesn’t sound like a great return – not unless you own the platform as well.

Service providers and operators simply can’t afford to ignore the IP and Mobile IP Centrex opportunity any longer. It’s a market with proven growth potential, clear revenue prospects and does not face the uncertainty of unproven application store business models.

IP and Mobile Centrex, with clear business models provide a much more attractive opportunity. Selecting a platform that scales effectively allows service providers to begin addressing the market and to add capacity with ease. If you haven’t seriously considered deploying an IP Centrex or Mobile IP Centrex solution, now’s the time to investigate your options.

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