Voice Quality – under operator control, so why not take charge for your business customers?

Voice Quality – under operator control, so why not take charge for your business customers?

Ensuring a better, more consistent experience for remote business workers is becoming increasingly important. Some operators are realising that voice is something they can control – so why not act?

Voice is fundamental to collaboration

While many have long understood the importance of voice services, their value has often been overlooked, particularly as users have embraced new communications platforms and tools during the past year. However, a number of operators and service providers have recognised (remembered…) that voice quality can still be a differentiator.

That’s because, with a distributed working environment, not everyone has access to the same quality of connection. So, there may be good experiences on, say, Zoom, but there may be indifferent or even poor ones (we’re not singling out Zoom here – we could write the same about any of the myriad of platforms we now use). The point is that quality is not predictable and remains best effort across all such solutions.

Poor quality undermines meetings

As a result, a significant number of users experience poor quality connections to the group sessions to which they have been invited. And, since for many the default has been to set up a “platform” meeting (insert name of choice), even for 1:1 conversations, this problem isn’t limited to collective conversations, but can also affect direct sessions. In other words, it’s not how many are connected that matters.

Rather, it’s simply a factor of the connectivity that any individual enjoys from their remote office. In the absence of services that offer some form of QoS guarantee (which have yet to emerge), operators are – and should be - thinking again about their voice offer. That’s because voice can be the common denominator to enable better experiences for collaboration platforms.

Put simply, if you have an unstable IP connection (for whatever reason), you might be better off using PSTN or PLMN voice to access the service while your colleagues use whatever access method they prefer. It’s not that operator services will replace popular collaboration tools – that horse has bolted – but there is a clear need for operators to adjust to this reality and help their customers to obtain the best experience. After all, service providers still control access, either through their fixed or mobile connections.

Provide click to access services across popular collaboration platforms

That’s why integration from an operator provided managed communications platform, such as Easy Business Communications Suite, is a necessary evolution. Just as calendar integration has been a basic requirement for years, so click to connect to a collaboration platform is essential, so that users can choose how they access online meetings. Try the direct link first, if you prefer, but if that’s not working, simply access via another means but one controlled by the operator.

Put enhanced voice quality and experience on your roadmap

Remote working is something for which experiences need to be optimised. It’s not the fault of the meeting convenor (who selects the platform) if one or more attendees can’t resolve echo issues, can’t hear others and so on. There’s not much that the IT department (if there is one) can do about local connectivity and access. But there’s a lot that operators can do to help, so that users experience consistent quality.

And, as we’ve noted before, the trick is not to limit such steps to a single, most common variant – say Teams – but to embrace other solutions that are popular in different markets. We’ve already seen this, having provided integration to specific solutions that are widely used in some countries but not others. What matters is having an understanding of the range of solutions used and ensuring that, say, the top 5 are covered in your region.

Quality remains an operator issue. As such, you have the chance to revisit your PSTN and PLMN solutions for remote business workers by curating the right packages and the right experiences for them. So, if you want to build an effective strategy based on quality, then why not talk to us and see how we can help?

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