Teams integration – connect market-leading collaboration with Gintel

Teams integration – connect market-leading collaboration with Gintel

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Gintel to ensure status federation and full breakout to classical fixed and mobile numbers. Network-based call handling and user controls manage status and ensure the group is updated – help your business customers with Teams integration.

Microsoft Teams has surged in popularity – boost productivity for your B2B customers with integration to mPBX / IP Centrex from Gintel

Teams has become the default collaboration tool for many – particularly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While other platforms have also surged in popularity, particularly for scheduled use (and also to meet social and domestic demand), Microsoft Teams provides an integrated tool that is readily available to many businesses that already use MS Office 365 products.

Of course, it may not always be possible to reach a member of the organisation via Teams. An individual might working remotely, with insufficient bandwidth to access a Teams voice or video call. Or, a user might want to connect to someone outside the organisation who does not have access to Teams. Instead of negotiating which platform to use, it would often be convenient to enable breakout to classical numbers, both for users within the organisation and to reach external parties.

That’s why Gintel’s Easy vPBX can be extended with Microsoft Teams integration. This enables PSTN and PLMN breakout – in other words, to fixed and mobile numbers, with federated status, so that users can ensure their status is shared to others in the group, even when not visible on Teams.

Status federation and management

This is controlled by the user via the Gintel personal call manager application, but it’s also obtained from the network. So, when a PSTN or PLMN call is in progress to or from a given user, the Gintel call handling server in the MNO’s telco cloud will register the change in status and present this to Teams users in the organisational group. If the user wants to change status in the personal call manager, this will also be reflected in the Teams group.

So, Gintel’s Teams integration option provides the best of both worlds, delivering status information to the organisation and sharing Teams updates to users that are not available on Teams. It also enables users to be called via Teams, even when they cannot use the Teams client.

Upgrade your Gintel solution

Given the popularity of Teams and the likely persistence in adoption, it’s an invaluable extension to existing deployments – and another reason to adopt Gintel for consolidating legacy platforms with a new, future-proof solution that combines mobile PBX and IP Centrex functionality into a single platform with full FMC and integration to other collaboration tools.

Are your customers using Teams? If so, why not get in touch to see how we can help you consolidate and extend communications experiences, with simple extension to Microsoft Teams and other applications?

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