Turning value opportunities into business

Turning value opportunities into business

Understanding customer and market requirements is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Value opportunities need to be identified based on close understanding of individual customers. Gintel unlocks customisation to support value-driven programmes. How?

What do you customers really need?

It’s a bit of a cliché that you should try to sell what you have. Of course, that makes sense. But, what if what you have isn’t what your customers really need? This is where flexibility and understanding become central to developing a proposition.

Many MNOs adopt products and then try to sell the portfolio to its customers. It’s a take it – or leave it – approach that may win business, but also may not. Chatting to an MNO that successfully tackled its B2B market reveals an alternative approach that is instructive – and, really, should be blindingly obvious.

The difference is an approach that’s based two things. First, the identification of customers with the potential to grow value and, second, on deep understanding of customer needs. The trick, as this MNO found, is to combine both tasks for even more effective targeting.

A proven approach from a successful B2B-focused MNO

So, first customers with potential were identified and then a close relationship with this cohort was established, via the account management system to which we referred previously. With such a relationship, upselling and cross-selling of products from the portfolio – and new product offers – could be attempted.

But, because these were not necessarily pushed to all subscribers, more targeted efforts could be achieved, with greater changes of success. It wasn’t about growing the customer base per se (although that’s always nice) but rather growing value in specific customers.

The fundamental question, of course, is “what can we provide that goes beyond our connectivity offers”? And, this often turns out to be different from what might have originally been considered. This insight can only be obtained from such engagement. While taking a market-focused view is important, it needs to be complemented by a deeper focus, based on specific interaction points and information obtained from direct discussions.

This means there’s a middle ground between what the MNO thinks and what the customer wants that needs to be explored. This isn’t always obvious. So, how do you deal with this?

Use the right tools to deliver personalisation

Well, it’s not about having a blank piece of paper. What MNOs need is a flexible palette of tools that allow them to be creative and to respond. We equip our customers with these capabilities. Many of them use our EasyDesigner toolkit to enable customisation of services from the portfolio, according to the needs of individual companies. Account managers work with the clients to define what they need that differs from a standard offer and then create an adapted solution to solve the problem.

The resulting differences may not seem so large, but the end result is that different customers, with needs that go beyond the core offer, can be catered for. Such tools are essential to support the account- and value-driven approach.

Scalable customisation, with account-driven value programmes

While this means there is a little more effort required to deliver a customised solution, this can easily be accomplished with EasyDesigner. The point is that the tools to deliver new requirements and to optimise core services that add value beyond connectivity, are available and accessible. So, with Gintel, MNOs can support more effective approaches for their B2B customers, discovering value opportunities via account management programmes and then delivering tailored services from the core portfolio.

Isn’t it time to work more closely with your customers? Find out how the Gintel approach delivers benefits – and grows value from your B2B customers – creating sustainable benefits.



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