Network Norway secure customer satisfaction leadership in Norwegian business market

Gintel customer Network Norway has soared to the top of the charts in a new survey of customer satisfaction amongst business and corporate users issued by EPSI Ratings Norway. The Extended Performance Satisfaction Index was used to measure image, perceived quality and customer loyalty to communications providers in the Norwegian business market. Despite being a new entrant to the Norwegian market, Network Norway has surged to the top of the ratings in its first ever inclusion in the survey.

What’s more, the mobile market in Norway is already heavily saturated, which makes Network Norway’s impact even more impressive. In particular, the report highlighted Network Norway’s service quality, value and the loyalty that they generate amongst their customers.

The foundation of Network Norway’s offer is the Gintel Easy Virtual PaBX. In addition to providing outstanding features and reliability to support the perceived service quality ratings, Easy Virtual PaBX also offers exceptional opportunities for differentiation. This has enabled Network Norway to deliver highly targeted services that meet the specific needs of individual customers, helping create the impressive loyalty that their services inspire. “It’s the flexibility of Gintel’s system that has allowed us to achieve this – traditional offers have neglected certain elements of the market. We saw the potential to grow market penetration of these services by being competitive and listening to what our customers wanted”, commented Rolf Paulsen, Director of Product Management at Network Norway.

By efficiently targeting business users, Network Norway has also been able to rapidly capture market share, becoming the fastest growing operator for enterprise services in the market. “From the outset, it was clear that there was a huge opportunity to meet the needs of businesses – including SoHo and SME users. Gintel’s EasyVPaBX allowed us to create differentiated packages that supported that focus, enabling us to gain market share rapidly”, added Mr Paulsen.

As the challenger in a highly competitive market, Network Norway’s achievement, going from a standing start to the top of the customer satisfaction charts within three years is even more impressive. Thanks to a continued focus on the business segment and the commitment to their customers, Network Norway’s success looks set to continue. Isn’t it time you found out more about how Gintel could help you achieve similar success?

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