Next-generation, agile voicemail for service providers

Next-generation, agile voicemail for service providers

Voicemail is a key legacy solution that provides valuable capabilities needed by other applications. Many operators and service providers run multiple, siloed voicemail solutions, inaccessible to other applications and draining costs. A new approach is required.

Voicemail is a time honoured and often overlooked service. We tend to take it for granted, but it’s an essential service for many. One problem with voicemail is that operators have often run multiple parallel systems, which exist as siloes, delivering different voicemail services for different user groups and customer segments. This consumes resources, increases OPEX and limits the way in which voicemail can be blended or accessed by other services.

This is important, because voicemail is a capability that can be used by different services in different ways. Of course, there’s classic mobile voicemail but there are also consumer residential offers for network voicemail, as well as specific business services – like individual and corporate mail solutions, but it can also be a useful capability to be blended with other applications and services.  It’s not just a standalone, siloed service anymore.

Running multiple systems for each use case is expensive, however. Legacy systems don’t provide the agility that is required today – and cannot be integrated into new services and applications for which message storage, retrieval and distribution can be a useful feature. As service providers seek to launch more services in increasingly complex network environments, a new approach to voicemail is required.

Service providers need a single, consolidated voicemail solution that can provide a resource available to all services that need message storage, retrieval and distribution functions, both for dedicated voicemail services as well as a resource accessible by other service and applications.

That’s why voicemail is now an integral element of the Gintel Service Framework. Our Intelligent Voicemail Engine is a highly scalable solution that delivers classical voicemail capabilities augmented by intelligent integration and interaction with other revenue generating services. It meets the needs of consumer and business customers, with multi-tenancy capabilities to support sub-brand strategies and a diverse service portfolio.

It provides a consolidated solution that enables a wide range of dedicated voicemail solutions – residential, mobile retail, business, departmental and teams, and more – and can be combined with other services to deliver new capabilities. For example, it can be combined with IoT services to provide a group repository for alerts and alarms.

As such, it is an agile solution that provides the breadth of capabilities service providers need to ensure that they can consolidate legacy platforms, they can use voicemail in intelligent ways to deliver new services. Get in touch to learn more.

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